What Is the Information Industry?

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The information industry distributes and produces information. Establishments found within this field develop their own products and process data. A few of the key components of the information industry are publishing industries, broadcasting, and data processing services. Telecommunications industries that provide services, such as the Internet and telephone services, can also be categorized as part of the information industry.

Publishing industries include establishments that publish books, newspapers, and magazines. These establishments can be found around the world and produces material for people to read. Information distributed by the publishers may be in a CD-ROM, traditional print, or software publishing format. Half of the revenue from the publishing industry is from sales of professional books that contain scientific and technical content.

Every organization uses computer and information technology to operate efficiently and conduct business. Software publishing industries develop their own programs, provide customer support services, and provide necessary documentation. Organizations within the software publishing industry continuously look for new technology, to increase efficiency. Since use of the Internet has become widespread, the security has become a top priority. Software is necessary to protect computer equipment and networks.

All of the industries found within the data processing group provide the foundation for hosting services. These businesses provide data entry, streaming, and application service provisioning. Data processing companies may also offer to analyze and process reports given by clients. Processing credit card transactions and handling payroll services are also common within this industry.


The broadcasting industry can be divided into two industries. Most of the radio and television broadcasting group consists of establishments which operate broadcasting facilities. These broadcasting facilities send radio and television programs through air or satellite for delivery. To generate revenue, this group sells advertisement in exchange for air time. They also receive donations or sell their own programs.

Cable and other subscription programming are the other half of the broadcasting industry. Many of the organizations within this group operate studios to broadcast news, sports, and child-oriented programs. Establishments in this information industry offer consumers the chance to purchase a subscription or to pay fees to view the programs. Both industries in broadcasting develop content and have the right to broadcast prerecorded television and radio programs.

Telecommunications industries deliver Internet, telephone, and television to customers. This information industry sector helps individuals and businesses communicate. In addition to those services, telecommunications services offer mobile Internet and services for cellular phones.


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