What Is the Importance of Strategic Human Resource Management?

The importance of strategic human resource management in an organization cannot be overemphasized due to the fact that human beings are the driving force behind any organization. In this respect, organizations must be able to implement well-planned and well-thought out strategic human resource ideas that will be implemented to coordinate and channel the human capital into increased productivity. A solid human resource strategy will allow an organization to have a good relationship with its workers and to coexist peacefully and in a mutually beneficial manner with its host community.

One of the ways that strategic human resources management is beneficial to an organization is the manner in which a properly implemented strategic human resources plan will help a company attain its goals. When a company sets goals or targets that it hopes to achieve, it is the employees who will perform the necessary duties geared toward the attainment of that goal. This is where the importance of strategic human resources in an organization can be seen, since the human resources department will identify the key areas in the company that require manpower. This department will also carry out the necessary steps toward the recruitment of the ideal candidates who cannot only fill the vacancies, but can also help the company achieve its vision and other long-term or short-term goals.


Strategic human resources also means developing strategies that will help motivate employees to greater productivity and even more output. One way in which human resources can do this is through the development of several types of incentives, such as bonuses and promotions. These often serve as motivation for employees to work harder in order to attain the promised incentives. Some human resources departments also use awards to motivate employees. During stated periods, which might be anywhere from each month to each year, the company could single out one or more employees and reward them with gifts in the form of money or other prizes, encouraging other employees to work hard in the process.


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My husband works for a big company, and the human resources department comes up with all kinds of ways to motivate the employees. These are all centered around either safety or production, and they have worked very well.

If the workers in his sector go without having an accident on the job for sixty days, they get a pizza party. If they go ninety days, they get to eat steak, while the other sectors have to eat hot dogs instead. This little bit of negative reinforcement spurs the losers on toward safer practices.

To keep employees happy, the department of human resources also gives out what they call incentive checks every four months. The amount is a percentage of how much they earned during that time period, and the harder you work, the more you can earn.

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Wow, the human resources department does a lot more than I thought! I assumed that all they handled was the hiring and the firing of employees. I had no idea they made decisions about bonuses and rewards!

The management system at my office is very secretive. Everyone just assumes that the boss and the regional manager make all the strategic decisions. Now I know that human resources probably has a big hand in most of them.

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