What is the Importance of Exercise for Students?

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A typical student will spend a lot of time in lectures and working at desks or computers. This can often mean that he or she isn’t getting enough exercise for the body to function at its peak. Not only is exercise for students important for overall health, but it is also thought to be able to increase learning abilities and concentration. Avoiding a sedentary lifestyle while in university is difficult for many students, which is why an exercise routine that includes cardiovascular exercise should be used on a regular basis.

Establishing a healthy lifestyle is important for people of any age, but it can be hard for students who have to cope with a variety of different time crunches and stresses for the first time. For example, most students will have to learn how to live away from home, make new friends and how to study effectively. Student health can often become of secondary importance in this situation. While high school and other lower-level students don't often have to deal with living away from home or the stresses of college life, regular exercise and activity is still of equal importance.


There are many health benefits to leading a healthy lifestyle. Exercise for students will reduce the risk of problems such as obesity and diabetes. Regular exercise also releases endorphins that can make problems such as depression less likely and increase happiness. To increase fitness and overall health a student should aim for around 60 minutes of exercise most days of the week. In order to avoid injury, the exercise should focus on a different area of the body each day.

Some people may also find exercising helps build concentration during lectures and in general learn more efficiently. Studies performed over the years have discovered that students who regularly exercised were happier and felt more alert. The same effects are not seen immediately after exercising — it’s a product of consistent workouts.

Exercise for students should involve a variety of different methods. For example, university and college is often a good place to join a sports team or exercise class. Exercises such as jogging, swimming and biking are also useful for cardiovascular exercise. The more enjoyable the exercise for the student the easier it will be to continue it for a long period of time.

Healthy eating should be used in conjunction with exercise for students. Avoiding student obesity is important as it can cause numerous health problems later in life. By combining a healthy diet that includes only a small amount of saturated fats with an increased amount of exercise a student can quickly become healthier.


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Post 5

I agree what you said. In japan, not only in elementary school, even in colleges and offices they perform some exercises before they start office work. We in India also follow this method.

Post 4

@Sneakers41 - I think that kids are becoming more sedentary with the growth of technology. When I was a kid we always went outside to play and I always got good grades.

But a lot of kids now come home and go to their computer, play video games, or watch television all day. My kids have to do their homework before they get to play and when they play video games it is always a fitness or dance oriented game that will get them sweating.

They also don’t watch television during the week only on weekends. You would be surprised how much your children can do when they don’t watch television. They also have time to read and they concentrate better on their homework.

Post 3

@Latte31 - I agree. I also think that there should be programs for students that discuss the importance of nutrition. What you eat can also affect your concentration and having ongoing seminars that the students would be required to take can allow them an opportunity to understand what certain foods actually do to the body and how other foods can enhance the way they feel and actually give them more energy.

For example, if you explain to a student that a can of soda is often used to clean a car battery, many kids might think twice about drinking another soft drink. That image will surely stay on their mind and maybe next time they might pick something a little


I think that exercise has to be incorporated too and the sad thing is that many schools are cutting back on physical education because it is not an academic subject. Physical education lets kids relieve stress which allows them to think clearly.

If they don’t exercise they might use their aggression in other ways. My kids have physical education three times a week and recess twice a week. This is what all schools should do so that kids get enough exercise.

Post 2

@Bhutan - Wow, I didn’t know that.It makes sense though. I think that student programs involving some form of physical education should be required upon graduation. Physical education should be taught in college so that students would continue to get some form of exercise while there.

I would also offer programs for students that involve the latest fitness trends in the school’s gym. These could be spinning classes or Pilates or yoga. The schools could even offer the student’s a discount on the tuition or the government could offer student grants for students that participate in these classes at least three times a week.

Students that exercise regularly perform better in school because their mind is sharp and focused. Also, these types of student programs can bridge many students together that would otherwise not know each other and can foster a sense of community at the school.

Post 1

I know that exercise has a way of allowing you to focus better. As a matter of fact, I was reading that in Japan, they start their elementary school day with exercise because not only does it have a calming effect on the children but it allows them to concentrate.

I think that we should do this in the United States. We should start our day with physical education and then the students will start their day right. I know that I always feel better after a good workout and I am often in a happy mood.

This will allow teaching students to become so much easier because the students would be more cooperative during their instruction and will perform better.

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