What is the Importance of Elderly Fitness?

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Physical fitness is a valuable element of life for people of every age group. It is especially important to the elderly. Elderly fitness is important in maintaining health, flexibility, and longevity, as well as in managing pain and symptoms of physical ailments.

Fitness programs can help seniors maintain a healthy weight and body function. As bodies age, they become weaker. Moving the body through exercise can help restore and preserve its strength, which can help the elderly maintain their mobility for everyday tasks. Many falls and injuries that seniors experience can be prevented through regular physical activity.

Senior immune systems are often more susceptible to disease, from serious conditions to the common cold. Working out can help improve immune system strength and function, helping to prevent sickness and lower the risk of deadly diseases. If an elderly person already has contracted an illness, exercise can often help manage the disease as well as ease its symptoms. This results in a much more comfortable lifestyle.

A few hours dedicated to elderly fitness each week can help senior citizens live healthier, longer lives. As muscles in the body strengthen, the body can move more easily. Since seniors often experience joint pain, problems with mobility, and a lack of general flexibility, exercise can be a welcome addition to their lifestyle. Working these muscles through a regular workout program can help prevent, abate, or even cure these issues.


Many seniors often find themselves overweight. Elderly fitness classes, particularly those that involve aerobics, can help these elderly men and women elevate their heart rates and lose the weight that may be cumbersome in their daily activities. Weight loss can help ease senior joint pain as well. Seniors experiencing heart problems or issues with blood circulation may also find that their conditions improve while engaging in elderly fitness programs.

Elderly quality of life can be improved overall with regular elderly exercises. Any such changes or additions to regular elderly health care, however, should be discussed with a person's regular physician. He or she can help determine appropriate exercises and activities, as well as a healthful diet, to maintain elderly balance. Some workout programs can also be dangerous for elderly people to complete; a doctor can help determine the safest, most optimal choices.

Several fitness options are available for older people. Some seniors enjoy taking part in tai chi, yoga, or other gentle exercises. Water fitness and walking are other popular choices. Elderly fitness can also include general sports, exercise classes, hiking, gardening, and other activities, depending on the individual's preference and abilities.


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Post 5

WiseGeek writes a great article showing that flexibility, longevity, weight loss and immune health can be enhanced by exercise. Seniors love and guard their independence and they should. It is probably humiliating when they have to admit that they need a few hours per week of assistance. They may want to remain independent but do not have the extra energy for cooking and housework—they need senior home care. They may need someone to help them do errands or take them to doctor appointments and such. Programs are available to help these people do these simple tasks.

Post 4

I used to be the senior exercise coordinator at a large nursing home facility. I would lead group exercise classes throughout the day and also work one on one with residents who had more unique fitness needs or goals.

It was a fairly good job but kind of routine. There is a big difference between senior fitness and athletic fitness. Athletes are trying to optimize their bodies. Seniors just want to hold on to what they have. Eventually I wanted a more challenging environment.

Post 3

I do not have a lot of experience caring for the elderly but my 85 year old father recently moved in with us. He is in fairly good health all things considered but I know that he could be doing better. He has arthritis and has mobility issues and his body is withering away from inactivity.

Can anyone recommend some simple exercises that I could do with him to encourage his physical fitness? Or, would it be better for me to seek out a doctor or a professional who can work with him?

Post 2

Fitness in the elderly is crucial for maintaining happiness and well being. I could go over a number of different physical conditions that fitness also benefits but these will be so varied and unique to the individual that they are almost not worth mentioning.

Really, the most important reason for the elderly to stay fit is that fit bodies feel better. As you age you have an increasingly adversarial relationship with your own body. Keeping it fit keeps you in control of it.

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