What is the HRIS System?

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The Human Resource Information System, more commonly referred to as the HRIS system, is a database designed to allow tracking of all sorts of personnel related information. Because the HRIS system can be customized to fit any number of Human Resource needs, it is possible to adapt the system to any company or industry setting. The HRIS System is capable of such tasks as identifying and tracking contacts with applicants, maintain essential data on the status of each employee in the company, and in general make the process of Human Resources management much easier to maintain.

One of the most attractive aspects of the HRIS System is the ease of customization. It is possible to make the system as comprehensive as the employer desires. This is accomplished by identifying and adding specific modules to the system and activating features associated with each module. For example, if the HRIS System needs to keep track of training functions for new hires and current employees, the planning software module makes it possible to plan the overall training program and also keep track of who has participated and successfully completed each section of the program.


The HRIS System is capable of handling all types of Human Resource functions. The capabilities begin with the hiring process, making it easy to track applicants from the submission of the initial application all the way through the offer of employment. When it comes to employee reporting, HRIS can maintain information on employee evaluations, requests for transfer to a different department, or an in house application for a promotion. These types of reporting capabilities make it possible for a user of the HRIS System to access and review a complete history of a given employee from the time of application through all promotions, evaluations, and wage increases. The system can even be used to identify productivity awards issued to the employee, as well as any bonuses that may be due the employee as a result of participation in a merit program.

It is not necessary to activate all the modules in the HRIS System during the initial setup. As the company grows and the range of Human Resource functions begin to expand, it is possible to activate additional modules on an as needed basis. This allows the system to grow with the company and continue to keep the process of Human Resources management simpler even as the business expands.


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I always wanted to work in human resources but I never had enough experience to qualify. Sounds like the HR software does most of the organizing for you. And probably most anyone could input data into an HR system.

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When I worked in the hr dept we had to do everything manually. It was stressful keeping track of co-workers personal data. I'm sure the hr management software relieves a lot of the stress especially for the hr resources of large corporations.

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