What is the Homeopathic Remedy for Acid Reflux?

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Despite the discomfort that often comes with acid reflux, many people afflicted with this condition do not want to take prescribed or over-the-counter medications for it. Instead, they may want to try taking the natural route to relief, which means using a homeopathic remedy for acid reflux; if the acid reflux continues for a long time, however, it is still important to see a doctor. There are a few types that are known to work when made into a tea, including chicory root, chamomile, and a combination of lavender and anise. Pills that contain arsenicum album, nux vomica, and ginger root can also help reduce acid reflux. Some herbs can be chewed or mixed with beverages to help with stomach issues, including fennel seeds, licorice root extract, and apple cider vinegar.


One well-known type of homeopathic remedy for acid reflux is tea made from certain herbs. For example, chamomile tea is one of the first kinds of remedies that many people turn to when suffering from this condition, as it can be purchased at nearly any store. It can also aid in the digestion of food, so it is usually best when consumed as a tea in the evening. Chicory root can also be drank as a tea, and adding cinnamon to it can increase its power since the two work well together against acid reflux. Finally, anise and lavender are two herbs that can be combined into a tea since they can both calm the stomach.

Some herbs are best when taken as pills, especially since they are easily found in this form at vitamin shops and health food stores. Arsenicum album is an ideal homeopathic remedy for acid reflux, since it can reduce any burning in the esophagus, particularly after the user has eaten too much food. Nux vomica can also be taken in pill form, and is best for acid reflux that occurs after too much alcohol. Ginger root pills taken after each meal can help absorb excess stomach acid, and is also known for calming the nerves.

Patients who prefer to chew or consume herbs in cold beverages may be pleased with some of the other available types of acid reflux remedies. For example, fennel seeds can be chewed after every meal to help reduce stomach spasms. On the other hand, licorice root extract specializes in lining the digestive tract with a protective mucus barrier, and is best when mixed with juice or water. Finally, a well-known homeopathic remedy for acid reflux is apple cider vinegar, which mimics the stomach acid so that the body does not make more when it appears to be running low. This popular homeopathic remedy for acid reflux can be added to water.


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My grandmother swore by taking a teaspoon of honey several times a day as a home remedy for acid reflux. I have been taking it for years just like she did, and it always helps to calm my stomach when my heartburn acts up.

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I tried apple cider vinegar once to see if it would be a good natural cure for acid reflux. I found the opposite to be true, because my stomach burned even more after taking it. I would not recommend vinegar as a natural cure for this problem.

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