What is the Heritage House?

Ken Black

Heritage House is a private organization that has, as its mission, a pro-life stance at all stages and a commitment to traditional family values. The organization is funded through an online store, which has various pro-life items available for purchase. Heritage House is thought to have approximately 17 employees and have sales totaling nearly $2 million annually.

Abortion may have negative psychological consequences.
Abortion may have negative psychological consequences.

One of the hallmarks of the Heritage House is its precious feet products, which have come to symbolize the pro-life movement. In fact, the feet were named a symbol of the pro-life movement at a conference in Ireland in the mid 1970s. The Heritage House uses the proceeds it gets from the sale of those feet, through things like lapel pins, in order to fund a variety of Web sites and curriculum.

The Heritage House sponsors reproductive education that focuses on abstinence.
The Heritage House sponsors reproductive education that focuses on abstinence.

The Heritage House started in 1974 when Virginia and Ellis Evers saw a photograph in their local newspaper of a 10-week-old unborn baby. Virginia first designed the lapel pin using the feet of that child as her inspiration. Since then, the Heritage House has gained international attention for its efforts. Though Virginia and Ellis are no longer involved with the Heritage House, the business has remained in the family.

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Among the Web sites operated by the Heritage House is one that lists pages and pages of facts about abortion. The Heritage House designers have broken down abortion into many different areas, analyzing it from many different perspectives. Though the goal is to present abortion from a pro-life point of view, most of the information given is provided in a factual, straight-forward way.

While many organizations catering to the pro-life point of view depend on donations and churches to keep going, the Heritage House has put together a unique business plan. That business plan is designed so that there is no need to depend on donations. Expenses can be paid by selling products that pro-life individuals will be especially attracted to. Further, the products listed can add to the message by educating or being a statement for other individuals, thus furthering the cause.

The Heritage House also sponsors a curriculum model for reproductive education that focuses on abstinence. While there is considerable debate about the value of abstinence education, it is a cornerstone of the Heritage House program, which focuses on family values in a number of different ways. In addition to abortion, the Heritage House also makes strong statements against many types of violence.

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