What is the Fund for Animals?

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The Fund for Animals is a nonprofit animal welfare organization which works on a number of aspects of animal welfare, from providing veterinary care to actively working to promote animal-friendly legislation. Based in the United States, this charity is widely regarded around the world, and it works with a number of other animal charities, including the Humane Society of the United States. The Fund's motto is “we speak for those who can't.”

This organization was founded in 1967 by Cleveland Amory, a noted animal rights advocate and social commentator. The charity works on animal welfare issues from a number of standpoints. Like many animal welfare organizations, it provides sheltering to abused and unwanted animals in facilities like the Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch in Texas and the Fund for Animals Wildlife Center in Southern California. The Fund for Animals also funds Rural Area Veterinary Services (RAVS), which provides low and no-cost veterinary care to low-income pets in rural areas.

In addition to directly helping animals in need, the Fund for Animals also works on educational campaigns to promote animal rights and welfare. It focuses on issues like hunting, the use of animals in entertainment, and caring for injured wildlife. The Fund for Animals has historically been outspoken about the use of animals in research, even offering permanent homes to retired research animals.


The Fund for Animals has also masterminded some of the most daring animal rescue campaigns in history, including the airlift of almost 600 burros from the Grand Canyon in 1979 when the animals were slated for destruction. During Cleveland Amory's time as the head of the Fund for Animals, the organization also worked with the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, which uses radical tactics to protect marine animals. Amory also promoted the use of celebrities in promotional materials, leaning on his Hollywood connections for donations of funds, time, and goods for charity auctions.

This organization has a long history in animal welfare legislation, and in 2005, the Fund for Animals joined forces with the Humane Society of the United States to create the Humane Society Legislative Fund. This fund is used to promote animal welfare legislation, and to encourage the passage of legislation which protects animals from elephants to mice. Both organizations are also forceful lobbyists on behalf of animals.

As with other charities, the Fund for Animals relies heavily on support from donors, in the form of time, funds, or goods for auction. It regularly receives high marks from charity rating organizations, indicating that funds are used ethically and responsibly.


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