What Is the Fitness Industry?

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The fitness industry includes any person, company, or entity that focuses on exercise, health, and overall maintenance of the body. It may include gyms and fitness centers, personal trainers, fitness equipment companies, food and supplement companies, orthotics, clothing companies, and sporting goods companies. The main goal of the fitness industry is to provide services and products that promote health and wellness while drawing a profit from people's participation within the industry. A broad range of businesses, entities, and companies fall into the category of the fitness industry since the different methods by which people train for fitness has expanded over the course of decades and even centuries.

Gyms and fitness centers are perhaps the most recognizable members of the fitness industry. These businesses provide various exercise equipment as well as sports venues such as basketball or racquetball courts to their customers. Other members of the industry are often tied to gyms and fitness centers; sporting goods and clothing, for example, can be sold and used at gyms and fitness centers. Manufacturers of soaps, locker room equipment, hot tubs, saunas, and plumbing equipment may also be included as a part of the fitness industry, as many gyms and fitness centers feature locker rooms that cater to the needs of their customers.


Sporting goods are another major part of the fitness industry, as much of fitness is focused on participating in various forms of athletic activity. Just about any sport one can choose will require specific equipment, and manufacturers will fill that need. Sport-specific clothing companies also fall under the fitness category, as they design clothing made specifically for sports. This may mean creating and designing clothing that fits the needs of a specific sport — cycling shorts, for example — or it may mean designing and manufacturing materials that are suitable for clothing that can be used for any sport. Moisture-wicking materials are an example of such clothing.

Advertising is a key component of the industry, as all companies need a way to expose their products to potential consumers. While the advertising industry itself does not entirely fall under the fitness category, it is certainly included in it and plays a major role in the success or failure of fitness companies. Even services need advertising; personal trainers, for example, may work in a gym or fitness center, but they may also work independently, which will require them to develop a marketing plan for exposure. Marketing firms or companies can help develop a marketing plan and help a company or entity reach potential customers quickly and effectively.


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Post 3

@Iluviaporos - You can't tar all of the industry with the same brush though. Some companies genuinely want to help people and try to do it in a healthy way. Some might be scams, or simply not based around good fitness rules, but that's true of every industry.

I mean, I think most people who need or want to become fitter simply need to eat better and move more and if they are influenced by the fitness industry it is because they are looking for a quick fix.

Post 2

@MrsPramm - Ironically, most research now seems to point to yo-yo dieting as a much worse influence on your health than being overweight, which means that the fitness industry might actually be making people live shorter, more miserable lives, rather than the opposite.

Post 1

I am all for fitness but I feel like this industry often gets pulled down by people who try to make it about weight loss and beauty, rather than health and fitness.

It seems to have become almost ingrained in a lot of people that being overweight basically makes you a bad person and I think that comes directly from the advertising tactics used by the fitness industry.

It's not enough for them to encourage you to be healthy. They have to try and make you feel like you don't deserve to be happy unless you manage to stay under a certain weight, and of course they have just the item to help you get there for a very low payment.

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