What is the Fifth Chakra?

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The fifth chakra, commonly called vishuddha in Sanskrit, is believed to be located in the throat and it is one of seven major spiritual energy centers that practitioners of kundalini yoga believe are located vertically along the torso. The throat chakra is typically associated with powers of expression, ability to listen and understand, and willingness to speak the truth. People who possess an appropriate balance of healthy energy in the throat chakra are said to be expressive, creative, articulate, faithful, and strong of will. Physical problems in the neck, jaw, throat, and mouth are said to manifest when the fifth chakra is blocked. Psychological and emotional problems associated with blockage of this chakra are said to include indecisiveness, addictive behaviors, critical attitudes, deceptiveness, and an inability to engage in self-expression.


People who practice many forms of yoga, especially kundalini yoga, believe that the chakras are the body's centers of spiritual energy. Seven major chakras are believed to exist in the body, aligned along the torso from the coccyx to the crown of the head. The fifth chakra, also known as the throat chakra, is said to house the spiritual energy associated with communication. A person with a healthy balance of energy in the throat chakra is believed to be adept at both speaking and listening. A well-balanced throat chakra is said to house the energy that spurs one to attend to one's own needs, spiritual or otherwise. On a physical level, this chakra is said to have a strong influence over the throat, mouth, neck, parathyroid glands, hypothalamus, and esophagus.

When there are blockages or energy imbalances in the fifth chakra, physical problems with the neck, throat, parathyroid glands, mouth, esophagus, and hypothalamus are said to result. People who have trouble expressing themselves are said to have a blockage of energy to the fifth chakra. People who are overly talkative are said to have an energy imbalance in the throat chakra.

Clearing and balancing the energies of the fifth chakra are believed to have a positive effect on self-care and self-expression. People with a balanced, healthy center of energy in the throat chakra are said to be the best communicators, most able to stand up for themselves and have their needs met. These people are also believed to be very honest, influential, and creative. They are said to take responsibility for themselves, and may possess strong spiritual convictions.

Exercises to clear and balance the throat chakra can include chanting or singing. Yoga poses or other exercises that stretch and relax the shoulders and neck are said to be beneficial for the throat chakra.


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