What is the Fastest Way to Gain Weight?

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The fastest way to gain weight is to eat a high calorie diet and limit exercise. That said, it's best done in as healthy a way as possible. For example, doctor-approved weight gain supplements may help a person put on weight quickly, but they should be added to a well-balanced, high calorie eating plan. Switching high impact exercise for a lower energy workout can still keep the body moving while also limiting the amount of calories burned. Rather than daily or five days per week, exercise sessions may be cut down to three per week with less time per workout.

During the weight-gain period, yoga and stretching routines are better workouts than activities such as running that will likely burn too many calories. Walking a few times a week instead can be an effective alternative. Weight lifting routines to gain muscle are also a good idea when the fastest way to gain weight is wanted. Since muscle weighs more than fat, the number on the scale can be increased through this activity.


If a doctor approves a 2,800 or more calorie per day diet, this may put weight on very fast. The exact amount of proteins, carbohydrates and fats needed will vary for each individual. Metabolism, which is how fast a person burns off calories, varies greatly between people. In general, the faster a person's metabolism is, the more food he or she will need to consume to experience the fastest way to gain weight.

It's important for a person who is trying a diet and exercise program as the fastest way to gain weight to keep a record of foods consumed as well as exercise activities done. If weight isn't being gained quickly, or it's being added too fast, the amount of calories as well as the types of foods can be adjusted. In addition to keeping a diet and exercise record, the waist, hips and biceps should be measured regularly with a measuring tape.

Some of the best foods for gaining weight quickly, while still concentrating on healthy choices, are: cheese, nuts, peanut butter, olive oil and salmon. Whole wheat bread, granola, potatoes and brown rice are healthy starches that should be added to diets that are planned to be the fastest way to gain weight. Bananas, avocados and raisins are other healthy weight-gaining foods. Drinking orange juice is a refreshing, vitamin-packed way to add extra calories to promote weight gain.


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I cannot stress enough that there is a safe and effective way to gain weight as well as a dangerous and ineffective way. I have seen way to many guys go about it the wrong way.

Lots of guys think that gaining weight will be fun. They think of all their favorite greasy foods and then imagine eating massive quantities of them everyday. Burgers, ice cream, Alfredo sauce, candy, you name it. But the simple fact is that this food is junk and if you scarf on it your body will turn to junk.

In order to safely gain weight you need to follow a plan that is approved by a doctor and which contains a range of high carbohydrate foods and a limited number of high fat foods. You can find lots of great plans online. But don't just start pigging out. That only gets you a big gut and a heart attack.

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