What Is the Fastest Way to Do Mental Arithmetic?

The fastest way to do mental arithmetic might be to use visual brain processes to imagine an abacus. An abacus is a calculation tool with columns and beads that are used to solve steps of an arithmetic problem. Math typically is taught in a similar way to how language is taught, with learners interpreting numbers and symbols. The brain’s working memory is generally limited to three to four items at a time, making it difficult to track of all of the steps using the traditional verbal brain process. An imaginary abacus is thought to be faster because the brain merely has to remember each column of the abacus rather than the whole process.

More about mental arithmetic:

  • In countries such as Japan, India and China, children enroll in programs that strictly focus on learning how to solve calculations mentally with imaginary abacuses.

  • Children who are more easily able to solve math problems by memory are more likely to perform better on standardized tests.

  • Babies as young as 18 months might be able to do mental arithmetic. Research has shown that babies demonstrate preference for videos that show correct counting over those that feature incorrect math.

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Post 7

I really want to know how to use abacus to solve arithmetic.

Post 5

I am very terrible at math and this may help me become better.

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I agree with your article but I did not understand is "...over those that feature incorrect math". What do you mean by incorrect math.

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Is there a website that explains how to do this?

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Well, that is really great. Now teach us how to use an abacus!

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