What is the Employment Development Department?

Sarah Woody

The Employment Development Department is a state department in California that offers services for both employers and job seekers through a number of different insurance, investment, and information programs. In addition to helping unemployed workers find jobs, the department also helps disadvantaged and welfare-to-work recipients learn to take care of themselves, and workers who are unemployed or disabled get financial and other types of assistance. Other services offered by the Employment Development Department include administering federally-funded workforce investment programs and dealing with varying aspects of employment-related taxes.

The Employment Development Department is a state department in California that helps unemployed workers find jobs.
The Employment Development Department is a state department in California that helps unemployed workers find jobs.

Part of the California Labor and Workforce Development Agency, the department follows state and US federal laws. There are 11 offices and branches of the Employment Development Department. Each branch plays a different role in helping employers and workers, from dealing with collecting taxes to unemployment and disability insurance.

The Directorate Office is in charge of the Employment Development Department, and it ensures that the programs and services meet the department's goals. Also part of this office is the Equal Employment Opportunity Office, which investigates and resolves discrimination or civil rights violation complaints and offers consultant services for all aspects of equal opportunity employment. The Legal Office is also under the Directorate Office and provides legal advice and support to the department and its heads.

Public employment services are handled by the Workforce Branch, which also helps with job referrals, placement services, and workshops. The branch also helps employers by matching candidates and with recruitment campaigns and administers a number of statewide programs to prepare people for working. Within this branch is the Governor's Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities and the Labor Market Information Division, which deals with statistics on various workforce topics.

Responsible for the oversight and operation of the automation systems in the department is the Information Technology Branch. This branch also provides technical support and administration for the telecommunication systems. The Policy, Accountability, and Compliance Branch audits, investigates, surveys, and reviews programs for the department and serves as liaison with state and federal officials.

The Tax Branch of the Employment Development Department handles all taxes involved with payroll and provides special training opportunities to help employers. Insurance issues are handled by the Unemployment Insurance Branch and the State Disability Insurance Branch. The first handles payments for those who have lost their jobs, while the second administers disability wages, family leave, and the disability insurance options for workers who are self-employed.

Marketing and internal and external communications for the department are handled by the Public Affairs Branch. Administrative support and human resources services to the department the Administration Branch.

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