What is the Eighth Chakra?

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The eighth chakra is located 24 inches (61 cm) above the crown of the head and functions as the energy epicenter of the entire chakra system. The purpose of this chakra is to protect the physical, emotional, and spiritual body. Also known as the aura, it serves as the root of all the divine energy and compassion that course through the system.

From a physical perspective, the eighth chakra, unlike the other seven major chakras, does not reside on the body. Instead, it hovers over the top of the body, above the crown chakra located at the highest point of the head. Chakra healing experts believe that this chakra can be glimpsed through the third eye and resembles a light-filled orb with a slightly orange radiance.

During the eighth chakra opening, the individual experiences a powerful spiritual shift. This brings with it a new spiritual awareness that encompasses everything in an individual's life and can bring about great personal, professional, mental, and emotional changes. An open chakra of this type helps the individual to see his or her interconnectedness with all life and opens a portal to deeper spiritual and creative understanding.


Those with a closed chakra will experience the opposite effects. They will feel disconnected and cut off from the rest of the world, not feeling a part of any larger community. The individual will also suffer emotional, spiritual, and creative blockages that hinder his or her growth. A closed chakra separates a person from his or her true calling.

Chakra treatments for the eighth chakra include several different healing options. The chakras benefit greatly from exercise, just as the physical and emotional body does. One popular exercise for chakra balancing or opening entails standing with the feet slightly more than hip-width apart, arms stretched to the sides at shoulder level. With the left palm facing upward and the right palm downward, an individual imagines himself or herself absorbing all the sun and light of the universe, taken in through the navel and radiating out through the limbs.

Neroli, the essential oil of the bitter orange tree blossom, is the flower essence most associated with the eighth chakra. Gemstones such as clear quartz, clear citrine, and selenite also accompany the eighth chakra and can work seamlessly with its energies. Chakra meditations, like visualizing the body as a radiant mass of white light, are additionally helpful in opening and balancing this chakra.


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Post 8

I recommend that you study kundalini energy if you would like to advance. I had a spontaneous kundalini awakening in 2013. It activated my 7 body chakras and the eight chakra. I experienced emotions that I never knew existed. My third eye shot open, my aura expanded, I connected from the earth to the universe and my conscious awareness went off the charts. All this happened within two minutes, and yes I also had never heard of chakras or auras.

At first I was convinced I was crazy, but over time you do start to understand. It is like learning how to live again -- a total reality flip. It has been a year now, and my experiences are too crazy

to mention here but they involve multi dimensional beings (angels or spirit guides), astral travel, alternate reality experiences, extreme extra sensory perception and much more.

Yes, there will always be non-believers. I was one of them, but this is real, and more and more people around the world are waking up. It's a very exciting time to be alive.

"If you wish to understand the universe think of energy, frequency and vibration." -- Nicola Tesla

Peace, love and respect my friend. This quote holds many secrets if one can understand how to apply the information.

Post 7

For those non-believers, I would like you to hear a short version of my experience. My third eye opened -- yes there is such a thing as a third eye. I saw it in my mind when it awakened and I felt it. I didn't at the time know what was happening and the first two weeks were intense.

I saw vortexes, tunnels, colors images of beautiful jewelry and much more. I sensed presences that weren't there! But I knew they were. It's been five months and I now understand a little of what's happening to me. I see these cylindrical tunnels when I close my eyes and I can travel them and see my chakras. The best way to describe

what I see is like something is rotating around it like the sun rotates around the earth and the colors are exactly what they depict on the chakra chart but so much more beautiful!

Everything I once thought has fallen away and I am now embracing this gift and seek to find others who can teach me to grow. But it's so true. I didn't even know what the third eye and chakras were until that day I was awakened. I will never forget it. It's changed me profoundly. Love, compassion and harmony are the key. Love, light and sparkles, people.

Post 6

@anamur-- It's not easy to understand the chakra system, I think it requires some background and a lot of reading and practice.

The chakras are an important part of Hinduism and I think it's helpful to become familiar with Hinduism before trying to understand the chakras.

The eighth chakra is a very important one. I think of the eighth chakra as the connection to the divine, the place where our spirit resides. It's the seat of the soul. This is where healing, love and forgiveness comes from.

In order to open the chakras, you have to believe in them and understand the role and function of each. If you can work with a teacher who has mastered these concepts, that is the best way to learn.

Post 5

@anon342597-- I'm not an expert on the chakras, but from what I understand, the eighth chakra is the root of this aura. Aura flows down from the eight chakra to the rest of the body.

This view can change from guru to guru though. The more I learn about the chakras, the more teachings and opinions I find about it.

Post 4

I don't think I believe in the chakra system. Is there any basis for believing that there are eight invisible openings in our body? And if they exists, why do they become blocked?

I just tried the exercise mentioned in the article to open my 8th chakra and I don't think it did anything.

Post 3

The aura spreads throughout the body, so is there any special reason to call the eighth chakra an aura?

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