What Is the Difference between a Texturizer and Relaxer?

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One of the biggest differences between a texturizer and relaxer is the degree that each one straightens the hair. A texturizer usually does not completely straighten the hair, while a relaxer does. Hair texturizers are designed to stay on the hair for less time and contain chemicals that are less harsh than hair relaxers. A texturizer also does not need to be applied as often as a relaxer.

Hair texturizers and hair relaxers are both chemical treatments for hair. Both of these hair products are used to remove some of the curl from very curly or kinky hair. Although they are somewhat similar, there are a few differences between a hair texturizer and relaxer.

The most notable difference between a texturizer and relaxer is how much the hair is straightened after using these products. After using a texturizer, the hair usually retains some of its curl. It may be curly, or it may just be wavy, but it rarely gets straightened completely.

Relaxers are basically very strong texturizers, which relax the hair's natural curls. Unlike texturizers, relaxers completely remove the curl from the hair. After using a relaxer, hair is usually very straight.

Another difference between a texturizer and relaxer is how they are used. A texturizer is usually just applied to the hair and worked in. Once it is in the hair, it is then usually left on for no longer than 10 minutes before being washed out.

When a hair relaxer is applied, however, the product must be combed into the hair. The tugging action of the comb helps the relaxer loosen the curl in the hair. Relaxers are also usually left on the hair for a maximum of 30 minutes.

Once the hair begins to grow out, it will be naturally curly or kinky. This new growth is much less noticeable when a texturizer is used, since this product does not completely straighten the hair. A person who uses a relaxer, however, will find that the curly hair at her roots contrasts with her very straight hair where the relaxer was used. Individuals who use texturizers can usually get away with touching up their hair every few months, while those who use relaxers must usually touch up their hair about every month.

Generally, a texturizer is considered less harsh than a relaxer. The ingredients in this product are usually not as harsh as relaxer ingredients, and it is left on the hair for a shorter period of time. Both a texturizer and relaxer can be very damaging to hair and skin, however, and they should be used with caution.

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Post 5

Where can I get texturizer in Johannesburg south?

Post 4

I texturize my hair. I do it myself and the product I use is mild and contains natural oils, so it doesn't damage my hair. I wanted to use a relaxer but I heard that relaxers are very drying and damaging.

Post 3

@SarahGen-- I think that both texturizers and relaxers contain some of the same ingredients. But I wouldn't substitute one for the other because you might get very bad results. It just won't be reliable.

Do you want straight hair or waves? And what type of curls do you have now?

These are the main factors you need to consider when deciding between a texturizer and a relaxer. If you want waves and have loose curls, go for a texturizer. If you wan't straight hair, or if you have tight curls (often called z or 4B curls), go for a relaxer.

But make sure to get have it done by a reliable, experienced hair stylist. I've seen so many people who ruined their hair because they had texturizer or relaxer treatments done by inexperienced people.

Post 2

If a texturizer and a relaxer were kept on the hair for the same amount of time, would they essentially be the same thing?

For example, if I keep a relaxer on for ten minutes instead of thirty, will it be like using a texturizer?

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