What is the Cottage Cheese Diet?

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The cottage cheese diet is a fad diet plan aimed at promoting quick weight loss in a short period of time. Generally, the plan touts that the average weight loss attained on the diet is typically about five pounds in five days. Actual weight loss results will vary largely depending on the dieter and the amount of activity one partakes in while one the diet. The foundation of the eating plan is based on eating cottage cheese as the primary nutritional meal source, but the overall intent is that dieters accessorize the cottage cheese with a range of other fruits, vegetables, and spices at each meal.

Overall, the diet recommends that natural, non-processed foods — such as eggs, tomatoes, cucumbers, apples, greens, and spices — are added to each meal with cottage cheese. Dieters can also have a small amount of whole grains to round out the nutritional content of the cottage cheese eating plan. It is advised that people on the diet avoid soft drinks, coffee, and alcohol — drinking only mineral water for the duration of the diet to aid in weight loss efficacy. All other processed foods should be eliminated in order to maximize the effectiveness of the cottage cheese diet.


Cottage cheese typically is an easy-to-digest, low-fat, low-carbohydrate food. Its low sugar, calories, and high-protein content make it a relatively filling food that can help dieters achieve a leaner look with less water retention or bloating. Made from cheese curds, it is one of the lower-fat dairy product options and it contains plenty of calcium. Nutritionally speaking, cottage cheese is a healthy food to include in any well-balanced diet.

Dieters on the plan typically have enough nutritional options to provide the energy to exercise and remain physically energized, but it is unlikely that one can maintain the cottage cheese diet as a long-term lifestyle. The challenge with the cottage cheese diet is that it is extremely limiting, making it difficult for dieters to adhere to for any significant period of time. Additionally, the diet does not contain a wide enough variety of healthy foods for a nutritionally sound lifestyle. Aside from the limitations, its benefits to dieters can be in an overall retraining of eating behaviors, such as understanding portion control and the importance of eating several small meals throughout the day instead of a few large ones.


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Post 8

I am currently eating a diet mainly consisting of cottage cheese (I also have two healthy omelettes with veggies per day). I mix it with diced cucumber and tomato and sprinkle cracked pepper and Himalayan Pink Salt over the top and mix it up. I do this three times a day and it is so damn delicious.

I'm halfway through a body challenge and hit a brick wall, my trainer recommended this new diet for me. I love cottage cheese so I'm finding it very, very easy and very filling. I've lost just over 4.5 pounds in four days and feel the weight dropping off already. I have no issues whatsoever. It's a great diet.

Post 7

I know someone who has successfully implemented this into their lifestyle. They had structured meals at specific times, all of which contained vegetables and a tiny amount of grilled meat with spices. Snacks included nuts and fruit. He ate the cottage cheese as a supper meal after dinner, followed by a cup of green tea before bed.

Coupled with regular exercise, this diet really did work wonders. I was amazed with the results. However I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who doesn't have the willpower to stick it out, or to someone who is already in a healthy weight range.

Post 6

Try no sweets and no meat. Reduce your bread, potato and rice intake to half for a week, to lose 4 percent of your body weight.

Post 5

I have eaten nothing but green vegetables, cottage cheese, water and hot tea (green tea mostly) for three months now and I have lost 40 pounds. It does work; you just have to have the willpower to do it and stick to it (but of course give yourself a cheat day at least once every two weeks). I make sure I take my vitamins every day, too!

Post 4

This cottage cheese diet, paired with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, has worked for me. Average weight lost is one pound a day. I drink more water than I usually do and don't snack, except a few pistachios here and there. I say try it, but don't eat JUST cottage cheese, that would be stupid.

Post 3

My daughter said that she wants to go on a four day cottage cheese crash diet, and I can't say that I'm too pleased about this.

First of all, a 4 day diet just sounds kind of silly to begin with, free diet plan or not. She's only 15, so I don't see why she needs to go on a diet anyway, especially since she's already pretty slim.

I think that it's so sad that all these girls are starting to go on these crash weight loss diet plans, especially since it just messes up your metabolism for your later life.

Although I doubt that my daughter will listen to me, I have to say this to

her and any other girls reading this -- skip out on the diet menus; they won't give you what you want.

If you need to lose weight to be healthy, then follow a planned, healthy diet from a nutritionist, not something that you dig up off the internet. But most of all, be happy with your body! You don't have to torture yourself to feel good about yourself, and the sooner you learn to respect your body, the better off you'll be.

Post 2

Good for you wisegeek, not endorsing such an unhealthy, extreme weight loss diet. It's really unfortunate that so many people try to torture themselves with these extreme quick diet menus, all of which are basically unsustainable long-term.

It is so hard on your body and your emotions to go through something like the cottage cheese crash diet, and it's simply not worth it when you gain all the weight back the next week.

It is a much, much better idea to focus on your diet for overall fitness, not just for weight loss. If you eat a healthy, balanced diet, exercise regularly, and get enough sleep and vitamins, you will lose weight. You just can't help it. Your

body is designed to work in a certain way, and if you try to force it into doing something for which is is not designed, you're just going to end up hurting.

So guys, skip all these crash diets. Just eat a healthy diet, and you'll feel and look so much better!

Post 1

Has anybody reading this actually tried the cottage cheese crash diet? I have been looking through all these quick diets for weight loss because I've got an event coming up that I have got to be 5 pounds lighter for, but I can't find anything that's working!

Does the cottage cheese diet work? Although I know this is not the healthiest thing in the world, I am not all that worried about long-term weight loss with this thing, I just need to look good for a few days, and then I can start eating a more balanced and healthy diet.

So does this one work, or do you guys have any other good, quick weight loss diet plans that I can use?

Help please!

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