What Is the Connection between Water and a Hangover?

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A hangover occurs after a person has had too much alcohol to drink. When the intoxication effect of drinking liquor begins to go away, a hangover can begin. Symptoms of a hangover typically include fatigue, headache and most commonly thirst, because alcohol is very dehydrating. Water and a hangover go hand in hand in the minds of many people because drinking plenty of water will help to rehydrate the body.

People can hydrate their bodies with water and a hangover might be avoided — or at least the dehydrating effects of a hangover. Some people say that a person should drink a few glasses of water before heading out to a bar. Also, it is recommended for people to have a glass of water between each alcoholic beverage to lessen the chance of a hangover. Partygoers who are trying to get a buzz from drinking alcohol might not opt for this method because they will not get drunk as quickly. Anyone who wants to drink socially but wants to avoided getting drunk, however, might have success with this trick.


After a person comes home from a night of drinking, water and a hangover can be the perfect match. If someone is caring for a friend who seems to have a hangover, he or she can give his or her pal water for maximum hydration. Water is always a much better choice than juice or soda. Consuming water can help a person's post-drinking headache to subside and can get rid of the feeling of dry mouth that a hungover individual might have.

If a person is helping out a friend who is still feeling nauseous from drinking too much alcohol, water is important but should be swallowed slowly. Someone who is very nauseous should take small sips of water while sitting up. A nauseous person who chugs water too quickly might begin vomiting.

A person might drink a lot of water and a hangover still might be present the next morning. Although water plays a vital role in helping individuals get over a hangover, there are other remedies that can help. If a person has a headache the next day, he or she should take some aspirin along with the water. Going out drinking on a full stomach also is much better than drinking on an empty stomach. People who plan to consume multiple alcoholic drinks should be sure to eat before or during a party to help avoid excessive intoxication and a bad hangover the next day.


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