What Is the Connection between Semen and Energy?

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There are various connections, some accurate and some not, between semen and energy. In Eastern medicine, primarily in China, it is believed that semen contains strong forces and a powerful energy within it. There are also some energy drinks that contain semen from various animals with the claim that it promotes energy and concentration. Additionally, when a man ejaculates semen he may feel as though he lacks energy for a time afterward due to chemicals the brain releases during and after orgasm.

One connection between semen and energy is the proposed concept that semen contains potent amounts of positive energy. In some Eastern medical practices, and even some religions, it is believed that semen contains a strong life force because it is required for the creation of life. Some go so far as to say that every time a male ejaculates he loses a small part of his own life. Others claim that it releases vast amounts of energy from his body.

Some also believe that the powerful energies present in semen can be harnessed and transported to the brain for greater concentration and happiness. This is done by abstaining from any form of ejaculation. Pressure may also be applied to the scrotum and surrounding area in order to push the positive energy from the semen up into the body, where it is said to be carried into the brain. There is no medical evidence to support these theories.


Another connection between semen and energy involves the use of animal semen in some specialty energy drinks. Both horse and bear semen have been used, and they are combined with other ingredients. It is claimed that semen increases the energizing effects, although it has not been fully established whether or not there is any validity to these claims. Semen does contain simple sugars, which theoretically could provide more energy, but more studies are required to determine whether or not drinking animal semen has much of an impact, and such studies are not common.

There is another, more scientific, connection between semen and energy. Many males become fatigued, weak, or lethargic temporarily after ejaculation. This is due to a large volume of hormones the brain secretes during and after orgasm. One of these hormones is prolactin, which has been shown to induce sleepiness.

Some in Eastern medicine would argue that this link proves that semen contains energy itself. If a male becomes tired and lacks energy after losing semen through ejaculation, some say this means the semen must provide energy while still inside the body. The hormones produced by the brain during sex and orgasm are more likely the cause for post-climatic fatigue, and much of Western medicine rejects the notion that semen and energy are otherwise linked.


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Post 4

Love is energy.

Post 3

@irontoenail - Well, yes and no. There are definitely religious reasons that some people might try to refrain from orgasm. I don't know if they really believe that semen is the important factor there or if it's just an energy thing in general.

Westerners think of Tantra as something that just means restraining yourself for a long time in order to have better sex later on, or a way to conserve power in a relationship, but in religious terms it was all about sacred energy and rituals.

Post 2

@indigomoth - Actually, I read an article a while ago that talked about how studies show the opposite is true, at least for men. Having sex increases testosterone levels in the long run, which help to enhance performance. So refraining from sex if you want to be a better athlete doesn't actually make any sense for men.

I don't know if this applies to women though and I don't know if it has anything to do with semen. I know that I've heard of people who think that semen literally contains energy and that allowing women (or, I suppose, other men) to "receive" it will decrease your energy and increase theirs, but that honestly sounds like a bunch of misogynistic idiocy, to be honest.

Post 1

There are plenty of stories of athletes who will refuse to have sex while they are in the middle of a season or before a big match or race, because they think that having sex will deplete their energy. I don't know if it's because of releasing semen or if it's because of fatigue or what, but it seems like it's a fairly common assumption. Maybe there is something to the idea.

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