What Is the Connection between Product and Packaging?

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Product and packaging are two concepts that go together due to the fact that packaging plays a very important role in the life of a product. This system of considering product and packaging as two separate but related concepts can be linked to the way a product is presented to consumers, which is one of the factors that determines whether the product will be widely accepted by consumers. The link between product and packaging is also evident in the manner in which excellent packaging helps reserve and prolong the life of a product, leading to a reduction in loss for the manufacturers and a greater expectation of profit from the sale of their products, especially in the case of products that normally have a short shelf life.


It is the importance of product and packaging that has led many regulatory authorities in various countries to come up with different rules and laws meant to guide the process of product packaging. Examples of this can be seen in the manner in which such authorities construct laws guiding the precise methods for labeling products, the manner of packaging, the size of different letterings, the use of images and colors, and the inclusion of stated warnings and information on the product packages. Another connection between product and packaging is derived from the value of packaging in driving up the sales of the product as a result of the design of such packaging. This is due to the fact that product packaging and design can be manipulated in order to appeal to certain values that strike a chord in people. An example of this can be seen in the way some companies utilize recycled paper and plastic to package their products, using this as a point to illustrate their status as environmentally conscious companies.

Apart from the aesthetics, another link between product and packaging is based on the fact that good packaging can help in the extension of the shelf life of a product, something that is crucial as a consequence of its effect on the bottom line of a company. This value is most evident in the case of perishable goods where the proper application of packaging can help in the proper preservation of the product. An example of this can be seen in the case of fresh vegetables where the use of sealed plastic helps prevent dryness and retain freshness far beyond what would have been attainable without the use of such packaging.


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