What is the Connection Between HPV and Herpes?

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The connection between HPV and herpes has been a long discussed debate, but the facts show that the two are completely different medical conditions, even though they do have a few similarities. Both of these conditions can be spread through various types of sexual contact. They also can be transferred from one partner to another even if symptoms are not present. That is were the connection stops, though. HPV and herpes can be linked together by these two facts, but they are actually completely different diseases and have no real connection.

HPV, the human papillomavirus, contains numerous variations, some for both sexes and some for each specific one. They can be transmitted to other partners whether the condition is showing any types of symptoms or not, which is the only connection between HPV and herpes. The majority of people who have this virus do not even know it because in most cases symptoms do not show on the outside of the body. This condition is actually an internal skin disease that can only be diagnosed by testing skin around the area where the infection has formed. Numerous people who have mild variations of HPV have been shown to eliminate symptoms within their own bodies, while others will need medical treatment and scheduled exams to help with treating the disease, as well as any cancer that may be associated with it.


Herpes is also a sexually transmitted disease and can be transferred between sexual partners. Symptoms do not need to be present in order to pass this medical condition to a partner, and once again the connection between HPV and herpes ends there. The symptoms related to herpes can be alleviated, but the actual disease cannot be cured. This disease will stay within the body for an afflicted person's entire life. Herpes only has two different variations, one that affects the mouth while the other affects the genitals.

Various discussions have stated that there is a connection between HPV and herpes, and in fact, there are connections when it comes to what types of diseases they are. Both of these sexually transmitted diseases can be spread and contracted in the same ways, but they are actually different medical conditions. One does not cause the other. Even though it is possible to have both of these sexually transmitted medical conditions at the same time, they are still not related to each other.


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Post 5

Both of these diseases are man-made. Both were created in a laboratory. much like AIDS and most of the pandemic attempt diseases like Avian Flu and H1M1 viruses.

Post 4

I found out I had herpes about eight years ago. I’m not sure how I got it, but I know that I have been having warts since my late teens and I’m not sure if that was a symptom or not.

I have always had my annual screenings and never knew until eight years ago. I kept to myself, trying to be sure that I kept myself clean so as to not infect any of my children or grandchildren and wouldn't even think about dating.

But a few years ago, I found a man who is what I consider my soul mate more than was my ex-husband and father of my kids. Hopefully, this will be reassuring for others

that you can find someone and still live your life.

I kept myself from dating because I did not want anyone to know, afraid the info would find its way to people I know. I let him know that I have herpes after about a month of us dating. He was very sweet, sincere and accepting and since we had already gotten to know each other already and had developed feelings for one another he told me that it did not make a difference to him. I couldn't believe it and we are now engaged to be married.

We did not have sexual relations until we both went to be tested a couple of months after I met him. My prayers go out to everyone who is dealing with herpes and/or HPV diseases. Hopefully, you are being honest and up front with anyone you are considering having a relationship with so that you are not one who is contributing to the continual spread of the this horrible disease. God bless you all.

Post 3

It took me a while to even know that these were separate diseases. I just assumed that HPV was a different name for herpes warts. I think it's also because they both start with H, as silly as that sounds.

It might also be because sex education is so badly run at the moment, it's impossible to really learn anything from it. Even just from a science perspective it's probably a good idea to teach about diseases that so many people carry.

Post 2

@Mor - Unfortunately, I think that the symptoms for both of these show up more often in women than they do in men and so men often think they are clean and feel more able to judge women for being promiscuous.

Which leads to women feeling ashamed about living with herpes or HPV, even though they are certainly not alone.

The good thing is that there's a vaccine for HPV now, so hopefully it will start to decline, since, even though it's often asymptomatic, it gives you a higher chance of developing cancer if you have it.

Post 1

The other thing they have in common is that they are both extremely common. I actually wonder if anyone has ever tried to do a study of that, linking it to human sexuality in general, because if you could trace back the strains of these diseases you'd probably discover a lot about how much people have sex (and I'd imagine the results would be "a lot".)

So, if you have one or both of these, please don't worry too much about it. It's not pleasant, but usually they aren't too big of a deal and almost everyone has them.

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