What is the Connection Between Healing and Art?

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The strongest connection between healing and art is that the act of creating art relieves stress and calms the body and mind. Art increases self-awareness and helps an individual find ways to express hidden emotional conflicts. By relieving stress and improving mood, art provides a pathway for strengthening the immune system and quickening recovery from an illness. Some art therapists believe that creating a drawing or sculpture can help facilitate a stronger connection between healing and art by influencing brainwave patterns and releasing beneficial chemicals within the brain.

In dealing with emotional disorders and even physical ailments, a doctor may propose a wide range of alternative therapies to complement medical advice and interventions. A common beneficial therapy, known as art therapy, utilizes a patient's mind and emotions to create a form of art. This mode of self-expression can help the patient discover hidden beliefs, thought patterns or emotions, leading to self-awareness. This can be beneficial for those suffering from emotional and mental disorders, as it can provide a pathway for determining hidden agendas and root causes of their disease.


Healing and art have been studied in different clinical settings, and conclusions show that art therapy, no matter which method chosen, is beneficial in relieving stress. Everyday stress can accumulate and impair the function of the immune system, so relieving stress is important when fighting off an illness. Using art therapy combined with medical treatment and other alternative therapies may also be beneficial in reducing high blood pressure. Some art therapists also believe that creation through art effects brainwave patterns and helps release chemicals in the brain associated with healing, such as serotonin.

A patient who uses art for healing can do so with a wide variety of tools, such as paints, water colors and clay. The act of creating helps an individual feel more in control, which can translate into being in control of the illness experienced. Any individual may benefit from the healing aspects of art, because it plays an important role in not only the emotional and mental aspect of healing, but also the chemical aspect within the brain. Other forms of self-expression, such as singing or writing, are also alternative therapies used for healing and art therapy.


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