What is the Connection Between Goji and Cancer?

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Many different foods are known as superfoods, foods with several different health benefits. Goji berries, considered a superfood, may have cancer fighting properties, among many other benefits. Though no concrete evidence exists that supports the link between goji and cancer, some studies indicate that goji could be used as an anti-cancer nutritional supplement.

Alternative therapies against cancer are very popular, as they typically produce less side effects than typical cancer treatments. If a definitive connection is found between goji and cancer, it may be recommended as part of a patient's treatment plan. Though a link between goji and cancer has yet to be established in humans, it may be visible in a laboratory. Some studies indicate that goji fruit extract may kill cancer cells within a test tube.

Goji berries can be taken in a variety of ways. Goji juice can be imbibed, as well as goji berry tea. Goji supplements, such as goji capsules or goji tablets, can be purchased as a dietary supplement as well. Though the purported superfood may or may not fight cancer, it does contain many other healthful properties.


Also known as wolfberry or Lycium barbarum, goji berry is full of antioxidants and several key vitamins. High blood pressure can be treated with goji supplements. People with stomach issues, high cholesterol, or mild depression may find some relief within the remedy. The antioxidants that may serve as the connection between goji and cancer offer immune system enhancing properties. Glaucoma, inflammation, and cardiovascular disease may also be treated with the superfruit.

Several countries, including China, Switzerland, Tibet, and Japan, do use goji berry remedies in their traditional medicine. The key active ingredient found in goji berries, known as Germanium, has been known to reduce the growth of tumors. It is lauded for its many cancer fighting benefits by Japanese scientists. If the connection between goji and cancer becomes clear in humans, the fruit may help ward off or treat such diseases such as cervical cancer, testicular cancer, uterine cancer, lung cancer, and liver cancer.

People on diabetes medication should consult with a physician prior to taking goji supplements. The berry can interact with the drugs used to treat the disease, as well as others. Goji fruit is otherwise considered safe for consumption for most people, and is available in most health food stores.

Some people consider the fruit to be quite tasty. It can be used in desserts, smoothies, and many other recipes. The fruit may also be purchased in many supermarkets, typically in juice form.


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