What Is the Connection between Employee Satisfaction and Customer Satisfaction?

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Many researchers have found a direct connection between employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction. This is due to the fact that satisfied employees usually have more energy and feel more motivated to perform their jobs properly. When they feel as if they are an important part of a company's success, employees often consider it more important to help establish customer loyalty. Likewise, employees are typically more concerned with keeping their jobs when they feel satisfied at work and well compensated. As a result, they are then more committed to pleasing customers and helping the company succeed.

The relationship between employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction is often evident when it comes to customer service. When an employee is dissatisfied with his job, he may seem tired and even disinterested in helping the company's customers. His lack of motivation may become clear to the customer, who might feel as if he has to work hard in order to get help from the employee. In addition to putting only minimal effort into helping customers, some dissatisfied employees may even speak or behave rudely, which in turn translates into unhappy customers.


When employees have jobs they enjoy, they often feel more committed to doing their best. Since they are working toward excellence, they often produce the best products and provide the best services for customers. In turn, customers are likely to feel most satisfied when the quality of products and services is top notch. As a result, they are more likely to remain customers of the company.

Sometimes employees feel as if their opinions do not count, and this causes them to feel unhappy. When employees feel that their opinions are valued, on the other hand, they may put more effort into suggesting ways to improve products and services, which can lead to greater customer satisfaction. Even if their suggestions are not implemented, just knowing their opinions matter may make employees feel as if they are part of the company, which in turn might encourage them to put extra effort into performing well.

Wages and benefits also factor into the connection between employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction. When an employee feels that he is well compensated for his work and has an attractive benefits package, he often feels more motivated to work hard to keep his job. This often translates into paying more attention to customers and providing quality products and services. The hard work and effort usually translates into more satisfied customers.


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Post 3

@burcidi-- You can do an employee satisfaction survey.

I do one periodically. At the same time, I also do a customer satisfaction survey because I know that employee satisfaction reflects on that as well.

What's more important than figuring out whether employees are dissatisfied is why they are so. I know employers who do these surveys and then do absolutely nothing about them. The point of the survey is to figure out what's wrong so that changes can be made.

Post 2

How do I know if my employees are satisfied?

Post 1

I also think that there is a strong connection between these two.

There is a small supermarket in my neighborhood that has the worst customer service ever. The employees are rude and not at all helpful. I thought it had to do with the employees but then they hired a whole new team and soon after, these employees also started acting the same way.

There is clearly a problem with management. If the employees were happy, they would make the customers happy too.

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