What is the Connection Between Diabetes and Dizziness?

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Diabetes and dizziness often go hand in hand because of certain problems that diabetics occasionally encounter related to their condition. Some things that contribute to dizziness in diabetics are blood sugar that gets too high or drops too low, heart problems, and blurry vision. In general, proper management of diabetes can prevent bouts of dizziness, but it is still something that most diabetics experience from time to time. People who do not have diabetes but tend to have regular problems with dizziness may need to see their doctors for a checkup. Dizziness is not always a certain sign that diabetes is present, but it is one symptom that many people experience before they are diagnosed.

One of the main factors linking diabetes and dizziness together is high blood sugar. People with diabetes often experience problems with high blood sugar because their pancreas may not produce insulin, which helps to regulate blood sugar levels. When no insulin is present and blood sugar levels are out of control, a person might begin to feel thirsty, hungry, and dizzy. In many cases, an overall sick, lethargic feeling results from blood sugar that is too high. Diabetics can usually prevent this by properly managing their blood sugar, which may be done by taking prescribed medicine for diabetes or using insulin injections.


Low blood sugar is another reason why diabetes and dizziness are related. Diabetics occasionally experience problems with low blood sugar, also known as hypoglycemia. This can happen when a person takes his diabetes medication to lower his blood sugar and then either fails to eat or participates in some other activity that causes blood sugar levels to drop down to dangerous levels. Dizziness and fatigue are two very common problems people experience when they have hypoglycemia. If this is left untreated, a diabetic may go into a diabetic coma, which can be life threatening.

Diabetes and dizziness are also linked to blurry vision and heart problems. People who have diabetes might occasionally have problems with blurry vision and heart problems because of blood sugar levels that are too high. When vision becomes blurred as a result of high blood sugar, a feeling of dizziness and disorientation often accompanies it. Diabetics who have high blood sugar may often have problems with thick blood, which occurs when there is too much sugar in the bloodstream. Blood that is too thick can clog up arteries around the heart and prevent adequate amounts of oxygen from traveling through the veins, which can make a person feel sick and dizzy.


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Post 4

I have hyperglycemia (high sugar) and I take Metformin, 1000mg daily. I still get dizzy and my appetite is low. All I want to do is sleep. My glucometer readings are not real bad: 91 to 178 range. Is this a normal reaction?

Post 3

Is it normal for dizziness to be accompanied by nausea when blood sugar is too high?

I experience diabetes symptoms often, especially dizziness but I also feel very nauseated at the same time. When I check my blood sugar, it's higher than usual and I have to take more insulin.

Post 2

@SarahGen-- I have type 2 diabetes. My body produces insulin but the insulin doesn't recognize the sugar in my blood. So I experience the same problems that people with type 1 diabetes experience including dizziness.

Just last week, I experienced a sudden fall in blood sugar. I had eaten and taken my medication as usual, but I walked a lot that day before class. Right before class, I got dizzy and felt as though a truck had run over me. I just had this sudden fatigue, I couldn't stand up and was very dizzy.

Thankfully, I had some glucose tablets with me. I took one and started to feel better after ten to fifteen minutes. But it took me the rest of the day to completely recuperate. Hypoglycemia is terrible.

Post 1

Does type 2 diabetes also cause dizziness?

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