What Is the Connection between Critical Thinking and Creativity?

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The process of critical thinking is one that is based on the utilization of the cognition to perform a constructive analysis on a list of possibilities with the aim of eliminating the unlikely or less likely ones until only the best choice out of the various possibilities is left. Creativity is something that is inherent in an individual, meaning that is flows from the inside to the outside in torrents, based on the level of inspiration the individual may be undergoing at any given moment. As such, the connection between critical thinking and creativity is related to the ability of the individual to marshal the various creative ideas that are generated during the creative process until the individual is able to select the best path to follow in order to arrive at a desired outcome. The common link between critical thinking and creativity is the generation of ideas and the selection of the most likely path to lead to an end product the individual hopes to achieve.


An example of the connection between creative thinking and creativity can be seen in the case of a painter who receives an inspiration to paint a scene that forms in his or her mind. First of all, the painter will make the decision as to the type of material to use in depicting the scene, including the canvas variety, such a paper, cardboard, oil cloth or a board. Such considerations also include whether to use oil or other forms of painting as well as whether to make the painting more three-dimensional or flat. All of these considerations go rapidly through the mind of the painter even as the inspiration is coursing through his or her mind, and the final selection is one that is based on critical thinking, even until the outcome the painter hoped for is realized.

Another example of the link between critical thinking and creativity may also be seen in other creative endeavors, such as the creation of a play or movie script. The creation of the various characters as well as the choice of names, locations and words for the characters requires the application of critical thinking in addition to the creativity. Even inventors who are trying to develop a new product, or who are trying to improve a new product by developing an new variation will also apply critical thinking and creativity as a means of achieving this purpose.


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