What is the Connection Between Cinnamon and Blood Sugar?

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The relationship between cinnamon and blood sugar is one that is widely celebrated by natural health practitioners. Regularly consuming cinnamon as a tea or in foods is seen as a way for some to reduce blood sugar levels. In the United States, key studies regarding cinnamon and blood sugar have concluded that ingesting just a few grams of cinnamon each day can significantly reduce blood sugar levels as well as lower cholesterol.

For individuals with type 2 diabetes, research regarding cinnamon and blood sugar is of particular importance. Studies indicate that cinnamon actually increases insulin activity, which helps regulate blood sugar levels. It is estimated that less than a teaspoon full of cinnamon mixed into foods or drinks per day works in lowering blood sugar in individuals suffering from diabetes.

Sometimes referred to by its scientific name, Cinnamonum zeylanicum, cinnamon hails from the bark of the cinnamon tree. The two main varieties found in stores worldwide are Chinese and Ceylon cinnamon. It is sold as a spice for cooking, but the bark is also dried and sold in stick form. In whatever form in which it is purchased, cinnamon can be used to make tea or can be added to juices. It may also be sprinkled into food during cooking or for added flavoring on desserts.


Aside from studies regarding the relationship between cinnamon and blood sugar, scientists have found that cinnamon is high in iron, manganese, fiber and calcium. As such, it may also be useful in controlling unhealthy cholesterol levels and reducing the risk of heart disease. By studying the reaction between cinnamon and blood sugar levels, it has also been suggested that cinnamon may further assist some in healthy weight loss.

The healthy relationship between cinnamon and blood sugar is not a new discovery. As one of the oldest spices known to mankind, cinnamon has been used throughout history for its unique flavoring abilities as well as for its health benefit. The spice is also sometimes used as a natural treatment for poor blood circulation, gas and congestion.

While health enthusiasts hold cinnamon in high regard due to its health properties, conflicting studies between cinnamon and blood sugar indicate that it has no impact on the glucose levels of type 2 diabetic patients. Because of this, information and available research published about the relationship between cinnamon and blood sugar can be confusing. Health experts do not, therefore, recommend cinnamon as a replacement for traditional blood sugar treatments.


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Post 4

Suntan12-I think that beans are foods that lower blood sugar also.

They have a stabilizing effect on blood sugar glucose levels and eliminate any cravings that you have for sugar.

This is effective even for those people with normal blood sugar levels. If a person is looking to lose weight stabilizing their blood sugar by ingesting beans or cinnamon is beneficial because not only does it cut the cravings for sweets it will make it easier to by pass sugary foods which slow your metabolic rate and do not allow you to burn enough calories for sufficient weight loss.

This is why when people eliminate sugar from their diet, not only do they have more energy, but they also tend to lose weight faster.

Post 3

Moldova- I love cinnamon and I always bake with it and then sprinkle some on top of what I am baking.

For example, I make a Bundt cake and use cinnamon as part of the ingredients and I also sprinkle some on top of the cake for garnish.

I never thought about adding it to my coffee. I will have to try that. I do notice that when I ingest cinnamon that it reduces my cravings for sugary foods.

This must be because it stabilizes and even lowers blood sugar. This is one of the great foods that lower blood sugar. It is especially helpful for those with type 2 diabetes blood sugar levels.

I have normal blood sugar levels and that is because I avoid sugary foods that result in high blood sugar. Even people with blood sugar levels in the normal range would still benefit.

Post 2

Anon120969-Wow that is a great idea. I had never thought about it. I know that there is a connection with cinnamon and lowering of blood sugar.

I try to put some cinnamon in my coffee or on some toast. It really tastes great that way and you also enjoy the added health benefits. I will have to try cinnamon in a capsule.

I also did not know that cinnamon lowers your cholesterol. My cholesterol was slightly higher than the normal reading of 200 and I did not know that cinnamon aided in the reduction of cholesterol levels.

I though that cinnamon was used to lower blood sugar only.

Post 1

i have blood sugar at 6.5-10 at the highest. i threw away the metformin the doctor gave me as it made my hands sweat.

i used cinnamon, ground up and encapsulated it. i take two capsules before each meal and i lost my belly fat which was noticeable after two or three weeks.

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