What Is the Connection between Biodiversity and Conservation?

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In any environment that might be a biome, an ecosystem or a collection of ecosystems there are usually a variety of species that make up the living organisms in that environment. There are also natural habitat formations and characteristics unique to that location, all of which contribute to a delicate balance that must be maintained for the continued harmonious existence of that habitat. The connection between biodiversity and conservation is the fact that conservation is a purposeful and concerted effort aimed at the sustenance, repair and promotion of the desired balance in a habitat. Effort in the conservation of biodiversity is usually targeted toward some specific part of the equation that make up the habitat or ecosystem, which is perceived to be under some kind of threat due to various natural or man-made factors.


One of the ways in which biodiversity and conservation are connected is in the area of the reversal of trends leading to the extinction of species. When it is discovered that the number of the members of a particular species has fallen to a very low level, conservation efforts will be targeted toward addressing the stressors that are the cause of such a trend. An example of a species that is currently under conservation is the giant panda. Part of the reason for the low numbers of giant pandas is due to the loss of their natural habitat as a result of industrialization and other forms of encroachment by human beings into their historical natural habitat. The major conservation technique used to reverse this sharp decline in the number of giant pandas include the establishment of protected areas that simulate their natural habitat, such as zoos and natural game preserves.

The connection between biodiversity and conservation is not limited to the conservation of animals. An example of another target of conservation includes natural coral reef formations. These coral reefs play an important role in the marine ecosystem, but due to various factors, both natural and artificial, the general health of some major coral reefs in different locations around the world experienced a decline. This led to targeted efforts on the part of marine biologists and other concerned environmental activists to try and nurture the coral reefs back to their normal state. Most times, the conservation efforts are funded by various governments, or they may be funded by endowments or charitable organizations established for the specific purpose of preserving that particular aspect of the ecosystem. This corporation between various concerned parties further shows the relationship between biodiversity and conservation.


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