What Is the Connection between Attitudes and Job Satisfaction?

Geri Terzo

There is a certain link between the attitudes and job satisfaction of employees at an organization. Attitudes, or the way that employees feel about job tasks, working conditions, and compensation, all play into the job satisfaction that infiltrates a company. Typically, the more positive attitudes surrounding an employer are, the greater job satisfaction among employees will be, and this may lead to higher work productivity. An employer's personnel or human resources division can perform studies to assess both of these factors and may also implement programs to improve sentiment.

Positive attitudes lead to higher work productivity and satisfaction.
Positive attitudes lead to higher work productivity and satisfaction.

Culture can impact employees' attitudes and job satisfaction. For instance, if an individual belongs to a culture where certain religious days are recognized, the way that an employer treats those days could influence that employee's job satisfaction. If the company honors the religious day as a holiday, it is likely to resonate well with an individual of that culture. On the other hand, in the event an employer does not honor a certain culture's religious holiday, that individual's attitude could be affected in a negative way, which in turn could lead to lower job satisfaction.

Having a positive attitude can make the workplace more enjoyable.
Having a positive attitude can make the workplace more enjoyable.

Compensation, including employees' take-home pay and benefits, certainly shape how employees feel about their jobs. Employers who create environments where employees are compensated fairly and where there are opportunities for growth are likely to create positive sentiment surrounding employees. If, however, there are negative factors influencing compensation, such as higher health care costs that reduce employees' net incomes, attitudes and job satisfaction could suffer. Attitudes toward an employer are often influenced by relationships with coworkers as well. If there is a strong sense of a team environment, for instance, this could lead to favorable attitudes at a job, while hostile relationships can damage the work environment.

Signs that improvements to employees' attitudes and job satisfaction need to be made could be identified in behavior patterns. For instance, high absenteeism could be a result of stress and sickness that are produced from low job satisfaction. Concerns about negative attitudes and low job satisfaction could be addressed by distributing surveys to employees to learn what may be driving the negative sentiment. Based on employee responses, an employer can implement changes that are likely to produce beneficial results. Higher work satisfaction could reduce absentee instances, which in turn should lead to greater production from employees.

Stress and sickness can be indicators that job satisfaction is low.
Stress and sickness can be indicators that job satisfaction is low.

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@ocelot60- Another positive way to deal with bad attitudes on the job is to stick with your friends in the workplace and meet with the boss as a group. It is easier to work out these issues when a group of employees are willing to admit they exist and want to work together for a solution. There is always strength in numbers.


@ocelot60- Sometimes meeting with the boss doesn't help. I have been in this situation on the job, and I have found that it is best to keep to yourself and just do your job until you find a better position.


Any company that has either employees or employers with bad attitudes will have low rates of employee job satisfaction. Often it is hard enough to do your job, let alone deal with attitude issues too. The result is unhappy employees and high turnover rates.

Any employee who finds himself in this type of work situation should meet with the boss or human resource department to try to resolve the problems that are leading to the attitude problems. If not, the issues will only get worse and morale on the job will continue to decline.

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