What Is the Cleaning Industry?

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Most commonly, the cleaning industry refers to cleaning services for commercial buildings and residential homes. Services provided by a cleaning industry may include carpet cleaning and house cleaning, among others. Basically, the cleaning industry encompasses all facets of cleaning services, ranging from housework to laundry.

Consumer cleaning services are the bulk of what can be described as the cleaning industry. House cleaning is one of the most common services, and this typically involves everything from dusting, to vacuuming, to laundering. This type of service is often referred to as maid service. Domestic services may also include residential pool cleaning and maintenance.

Commercial cleaning services also include pool cleaning and maintenance for public swimming pools. Cleaning and janitorial services for commercial buildings, such as libraries, schools, or hospitals may be offered in the cleaning industry as well. Some commercial cleaning services are independently owned, while others are franchised. Franchised companies are not as common as private companies, however.

Window cleaning and window washing services are available for residential and commercial buildings. Some window-cleaning operations will clean sun roofs, sun rooms, and skylights along with ordinary windows. Residential services may clean interior and exterior windows, along with storm windows.


Dry cleaning and laundry services offer the public a convenient way to care for clothing that require special cleaning. These services not only clean clothing, but many clean draperies and upholstery as well. In addition to laundry cleaning, some companies combine their services by offering alterations and tailoring as well.

Some cleaning businesses specialize in a particular service, such as commercial office cleaning. This may involve cleaning and disinfecting a physician's or dentist's office. This work may also include professional cleaning of a secretary's or receptionist's office.

The carpet-cleaning industry typically involves steam cleaning or chemical cleaning of carpets and rugs. These services may be offered to consumers and to large commercial businesses. Many carpet-cleaning services are franchised, although some are independently run. Those employed in the carpet-cleaning industry rely on powerful cleaning equipment and supplies to do a thorough cleaning job.

The cleaning industry also involves the sale of cleaning supplies. Supplies formulated for cleaning various surfaces are marketed in this industry. Cleaning supplies include household cleaners and carpet cleaning solutions, among others.


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