What is the Cayenne Pepper Diet?

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The cayenne pepper diet is a detox-based fasting plan also called the lemonade or maple syrup diet or the master cleanse. Typically recommended by proponents as a fast weight-loss plan, the cayenne pepper diet is based around periods of fasting while consuming a drink heavily saturated with cayenne pepper. According to proponents, cayenne pepper may help stimulate blood circulation and improve immunity. Many health experts argue that the cayenne pepper diet does not rely on medically proved theories and may adversely affect health.

The cayenne pepper diet is a cleanse, which means that for several days the dieter fasts while drinking large quantities of the cayenne beverage as well as a salt water or laxative drink to promote increased waste expulsion. The beverage itself is composed of water, lemon juice, maple syrup and ground cayenne pepper. Typically, proponents recommend fasting for at least seven to ten days to achieve desired results. Most programs that promote the cayenne pepper diet insist that a carefully followed plan will result in improved health, possible weight loss, and increased immune capacities.


According to supporters of the cayenne pepper diet, the ingredients of the beverage work together to maintain health while detoxifying the body and resulting in weight loss. Proponents admit that sticking to the diet is quite difficult, and often recommended preceding and following the fasting phase with at least two days of a liquid-only diet to prevent serious stomach discomfort. After the fast is completed, foods are gradually added back into daily consumption, beginning with fruit juices and vegetable-based soups.

Detox symptoms, such as headaches, stomachache, dizziness, exhaustion, and changes to sleeping patterns, are common with the cayenne pepper diet or any prolonged fast. In some cases, these symptoms can be severe or even lead to life-threatening conditions in some people. Even proponents of the diet often recommend a medical consultation before beginning this or any fasting program. A history of diabetes or eating disorders or any type of heart problem may be a good indication that fasting diets should be avoided due to the possible complications to overall health.

While many doctors agree that fasting for more than a week will definitely lead to some weight loss, the medical community has expressed serious concern about the use and effectiveness of the cayenne pepper diet. Some argue that the majority of weight lost is fluids, which will be regained very quickly upon returning to a regular diet. Others suggest that the diet can lead to severe dehydration, vomiting, and a decline in general health.


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Post 2

@Soulfox -- Following the advice of a doctor is always best but don't think it automatically discounts the effectiveness of a diet. There are a lot of people who swear by various diets, so visiting with some of them may be a good thing for you to do. Ask them if they got ill when on the diet, if the lost pounds came off, etc.

If someone has a positive report on a diet, report those findings to your doctor and see if that doc can confirm or dispute them. Getting the most information you can is the best course of action when it comes to such things.

Post 1

The medical community ought to be concerned with this kind of madness. Any diet that results in a bunch of short term weight loss is probably bad for you. Ask any diet worth his salt and he or she will tell you that a good diet plan takes at least a few months to yield sustainable, healthy weight loss.

Crash diets are notoriously unhealthy and even those that get the desired weight loss are likely to put those pounds right back on again when they are finished dieting. That is because a good diet changes eating and exercising habits over time. When those eating and exercise habits are changed for the better, then any weight loss can be sustained.

Leave the yo-yo stuff alone and go with a doctor who knows what he is doing.

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