What is the Caesar Haircut?

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The Caesar haircut was an especially popular hairstyle during the 1990s. The cut is named after Julius Caesar. Busts of Caesar depict him with a short hairstyle, which in particular has short bangs, slightly brushing the top of the forehead.

Many people are more likely to associate the Caesar with George Clooney, who wore his hair in this manner for some time during the 90s. If you watch early episodes of the popular show E.R., Clooney sports the cut. The style is often remarked as an excellent one for men who have thinning hair, because the shortness of the cut makes thinning less pronounced. Yet others believe the Caesar haircut is now out of fashion and dates its wearers.

The standard Caesar haircut trims the hair within an inch to two inches (2.54-5.08 cm) all around the head. The bangs may barely cover the forehead, especially when the hair is one inch in length. Hair length can be even shorter in some instances, with the hair buzzed rather than clipped. Some women wear a longer version of the Caesar haircut, though it’s a pretty daring cut for women to use, and women may prefer longer bangs.


One benefit to the Caesar haircut is that the short length of the hair is easy to spike. With a little gel, you can push the bangs back or spike the top. Another advantage is that with a little styling cream or gel, the cut will stay in place and doesn’t require much maintenance. However, if you want to maintain the look, you’ll need to get regular trims, about every six to eight weeks.

Styles similar to the Caesar haircut include the barbershop style cut, which trims the hair to a single length around the head, but creates a very defined edge to the cut. Another style that is somewhat similar is the French crop, which does not have hair all one length. Instead bangs are slightly longer and hair on the sides can be very short.

You may note other examples of the short version of this style. It was popularly worn by many males actors in shows like Battlestar Galactica. It’s still considered an excellent style for little boys because it is easy to take care of.

Some people don’t like the amount of forehead the Caesar cut shows. It may be better suited for men with lower foreheads, which are proportionate with other facial features. When men have very high foreheads, they might want to consider the French crop instead, since this gives them longer length bangs.


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Post 3

How do you get it to lie down? Basic information. "a little gel" doesn't cut it. straight hair buzzed sticks straight up! Get specific with a product.

Post 2

The Caesar is also a popular women’s hair cut style. My sister has curly dark hair, and every time I see her, she has it cut short and even. Her hair is usually cut about an inch and a half long, and it is razored around the edges. She then gels it down so the curls lay flat on her head. It is a nice cut for women with short curly hair.

Post 1

The Caesar is still a popular black hairstyle. The Caesar is one of those styles that will never grow old. It is a good option when you want to get a short hair cut for curly hair. I'm mixed so I usually keep my hair short. My hair waves naturally so I usually get a dark Caesar, tapered down, and razor edged.

There are so many variations on the Caesar that it’s hard to keep up, but your dark Caesar is longer, and your light Caesar is shorter. You can add a taper, fade, waves, or razor edge. Different barbers in different areas call the cut different things. When you break it down though, your describing the length, texture, and what you want done with the edges.

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