What is the Brachioradialis?

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The brachioradialis is a muscle that is found in the forearm that flexes the arm at the elbow and is part of a number of daily activities. The muscle is also used to control pronation, which is rotation of the forearm. This movement can be been when a person is drinking from a glass. The muscle is additionally used for supination of the forearm that occurs when the palms of the hands face upwards.

The origin of the brachioradialis muscle is on the lower part of the humerus. From there it runs down the outside of the forearm before attaching to the end of the radius bone. The innervation of the muscle is via the radial nerve despite the fact that most of the muscle is found on the anterior side of the forearm — the muscle is actually part of the posterior compartment. Other muscles that have the same innvervation include the anconeus and triceps. Both these muscles are also antagonists to the brachioradialis.

The main action of the brachioradialis muscle is to provide flexion at the elbow. It is also involved in supination and pronation of the arm and is active in daily activities such as using a corkscrew. When the arm is in a supinated position then the muscle is used to pronate the wrist and hand while the elbow flexes.


An important function of the brachioradialis is to provide stability for the elbow. During fast and hard movements such as using a hammer, the muscle will stabilize the joint in order to prevent injury. Although the muscle isn’t as powerful as some of the others located around the elbow joint, it is still important due to its role in a number of different daily activities.

Although the brachioradialis isn’t one of the most common elbow flexors to become injured it can get hurt. These types of injuries often happen to bodybuilders or other athletes who put a large amount of strain through the muscle. Injury to the muscle can often be prevented by strengthening and stretching in a controlled manner in order to increase stability and flexibility. An example of an exercise which strengthens the muscle is bicep curls. If an injury to the muscle occurs then during the initial stages of recovery the person should allow the muscle to rest and apply ice on a regular basis.


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