What is the Blue List?

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More properly known as the Blue List of Current Municipal Offerings, the Blue list is a daily publication that lists a wide variety of the current corporate and municipal bond offerings, along with basic data. Published by a subsidiary of Standard and Poor’s since 1935, the publication has historically been printed on blue paper, and is updated for each daily issue.

As a means of getting the latest information on municipal bonds, the Blue List is considered to be the most comprehensive and accurate listing available today. Along with listing the investment opportunities, the Blue List contains market commentaries on the past performance of the bond issues, as well as projections on future performance. The detail contained within the report also provides verified fixed-income statistics, which can also play an important role in determining whether or not to get involved with a particular bond issue. The information contained in the Blue List is researched thoroughly before publication, and it is very easy to follow up on the source documents, if the investor wishes to delve deeper into the particulars of any bond before making a commitment.


The Blue List is an essential part of the daily life of just about anyone who wishes to pursue investments that involve municipal or corporate bonds. Because the Blue List contains just about all current bond offerings of these types, and due to the sterling reputation of Standard & Poor when it comes to financial data, many investors would not consider getting involved with a bond issue without consulting the latest daily edition.

While the Blue List has in the past only been available as a print publication, it is now possible to subscribe to the publication online and also receive access to an electronic database version of the document. As the premier source of information about municipal and corporate bond offerings, just about every serious investor can benefit from reading the Blue List on a regular basis.


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