What is the Black Visa Card?

Michael Pollick
Michael Pollick

For several decades, rumors of a secret credit card offered exclusively to the super-rich have made the rounds. This ultra exclusive credit card was said to allow holders almost unbelievable carte blanche when it came to the most exotic purchases or admission to the world's most exclusive clubs. When the American Express credit card company finally revealed details of the American Express Centurion card, many people were hoping a more accessible credit card would follow suit. One such alternative to the American Express Centurion card is the Black Visa Card, or Visa Black.

Businessman giving a thumbs-up
Businessman giving a thumbs-up

The Black Visa card is quite literally a black card, constructed completely out of a black graphite composite material. This gives the card itself a very distinctive and high-end look and feel. The holder's identification is stamped into the card like standard issue Visa credit cards, but the majority of the card's surface is a deep black color with no extraneous graphics.

Obtaining a Black Visa credit card is no easy feat, either. Visa makes every effort to limit membership to 1% of the United States' population. This exclusivity allows each member to experience highly personalized service from a designated concierge employed by Visa. If a Visa Black cardholder should request rare Taiwanese flowers for his or her company dinner party, the concierge will personally board a flight to Taiwan and arrange for overnight delivery. The credit limit on a Visa Black is generally in the millions of US dollars.

When the American Express Centurion card became available to elite customers, it came with a substantial annual fee of $2,500 US Dollars (USD). The Black Visa card's annual fee is currently a more affordable $495 USD, although some cardholders fear the Visa Black's lower annual fee may attract a less exclusive pool of potential cardholders. Considering the thoroughness of the application process, however, many of those fears may be unfounded.

Owners of a Visa Black are primarily entertainers, politicians, corporate leaders and others who have achieved incredible levels of financial success. While many cardholders could easily make cash purchases for standard luxury items, the Visa Black card allows them to accumulate valuable travel points and other exclusive perks. Presenting a Visa Black card virtually guarantees admission to the most exclusive nightclubs and restaurants in the world.

Anyone can fill out an application for a Black Visa card through Visa's official website, but approval is generally limited to individuals and corporations who routinely deal in seven figure financial transactions or higher. Exclusivity is one of the card's most enticing benefits, so Visa reserves the right to limit the total percentage of applicants it approves for the Visa Black credit card program.

Michael Pollick
Michael Pollick

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@ valleyfiah- The most exclusive card in the world is actually a Mastercard issued by RBS groups for their Coutts Bank members. The Coutts bank is the bank of the Queen, and the card is only issued to about 100 people worldwide, including Queen Elizabeth II. To even be considered for invitation, one must have millions in assets and make millions per year (the centurion card's $250,000 per year income requirement pales in comparison, and the Visa Black doesn't even have a specified income requirement). One of the benefits with this card is the ability to call the concierge at any hour of the day, and have them open any high-end department store in the world for a private after hours shopping session. This is truly an elite card.


@ ValleyFiah- Mastercard offers a similar card to the Visa Black called the Mastercard World Elite Card. This is the most exclusive mastercard, and it rewards customers much the same as the Visa Black. The card is all black characterized by a gold band that stretches horizontally across the card. Mastercard is printed on the top left in Gold, and the words World Elite are printed in the gold bar above the card numbers.

Mastercard also offers other exclusive cards through private banks like RBS, Barclay's and GK. The GK card is for serious high rollers, and has gold inlay and a genuine diamond. The annual fees on this card are $1000, and they only issue about thirty a year. As bling as this card is though, it only comes with a $50,000 credit limit. The Barclay’s and RBS cards come with a higher limit and are less selective.


Does a Mastercard credit card offer any exclusive card or is it just Visa and American Express?

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