What is the Big Foot Legend?

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The Big Foot legend is a complex tapestry of stories told in the Northwest region of North America, from Northern California through British Columbia. According to the legend, a massive primate wanders the depths of remote Northwestern forests, rarely interacting with humans but occasionally leaving traces such as footprints. Similar legends about ape-like creatures can be found in other remote regions of the world, with creatures like the Yowie in Australia and the Yeti in Asia.

Native American communities were apparently the originators of the Big Foot legend. Records from the 1840s include transcriptions of Native American stories about a massive, mysterious creature in the depths of the woods, and settlers in the Pacific Northwest clearly took such stories to heart, reporting periodic sightings to this day.

Several films with an alleged Big Foot have been taken, most notably in 1967, when Robert Gimlin and Roger Patterson claimed to have caught Big Foot on tape. Other evidence of Big Foot's existence includes casts and photographs of extremely large footprints, along with sound recordings of unusual animal calls which have been attributed to Big Foot. Skeptics point out that many Big Foot claims have turned out to be hoaxes, and that the quality of evidence not proved to be faked is questionable.


You may also see Big Foot referred to as Bigfoot or Sasquatch. Believers in the Big Foot legend suggest that Big Foot may represent the remainder of a largely extinct primate group, or perhaps an evolutionary throwback. Scientists generally dismiss these claims, arguing that the survival of such a large race of primates would not have gone unnoticed, even in remote regions of the Northwest, and that the lack of scientific evidence strongly suggests that Big Foot is an entirely fictional creature.

This legend is one of the most enduring stories in cryptozoology, a field of study which focuses on researching extinct animals, legendary creatures, and animals which shouldn't exist, but do, at least according to small groups of adherents. Some cryptozoologists agree with mainstream scientists and conclude that Big Foot is simply a legend, perhaps a combination of a fairy tale and stories told by frightened, confused, and lost hunters. Others think that Big Foot really is out there, and that someday they will be able to present the scientific community with unassailable proof, pointing to the discovery of creatures like the coelacanth to show that creatures presumed extinct do show up alive now and then.


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Post 6

@drtroubles - I agree with you. The Big Foot stories, among other legends, do make this world more interesting than it otherwise would be. I do not believe in most legends, Big Foot included, but it is interesting to hear about possible sightings and such.

I must admit on a few occasions I was on the verge of believing that Big Foot was real, sometimes the evidence seems so real, and then I will hear about how it was fabricated later. I have been camping quite a few times, although I have not camped in the Northwest, and I have not seen anything legendary at all.

It amazes me that some people spend most of their life chasing this

and other legends down. I don't know, to me it is one thing to believe there is a possibility of a legend, but a whole other ballgame to spend most of one's time and money in search of Big Foot and other legends.

I saw one parenting swap show where this couple was neglecting their son because they focused most of their time, energy, and money in search of Big Foot. It seems like searching out these legends would be a fun thing to do a few times at most. After searching a few times with little or no luck, it seems it would lack it's initial appeal and luster though.

Post 5

For Halloween this year I thought it would a lot of fun to find a costume Big Foot hoaxers would be proud of. I am going to be going to a Halloween party and I find that every year the costumes get more and more elaborate, making everything into a competition.

Does anyone know of a good movie that shows what the "real" Big Foot really looks like? I would like to make my costume as authentic as possible. I have found a few Big Foot costumes so far and they all look a bit cheap. Kind of like overly fluffy gorillas. That is not the scary look I am going for.

Post 4

When my wife and I were traveling through the Pacific Northwest we ran into quite a few stores that were offering Big Foot t-shirts and various cheap souvenirs. It seems that even with the Big Foot hoax being popular knowledge a lot of people are still attracted to the possibility of seeing something so surreal.

I have to admit, we kept our eyes out for Big Foot when we were camping, but we did it jokingly. I am not sure if the big foot stories are true or not, but I guess it is one of those things that make the world a little more interesting.

Post 1

Are there any fewmints, a.k.a. feces, related to big foot's wanderings?

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