What Is the Best Way to Shape Eyebrows for a round Face?

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Eyebrows determine a great deal about the overall look of a face. The shape of the eyebrows can enhance good features and minimize flaws if they are done properly. Someone with a round face can benefit from the appearance of a longer, thinner face to balance out the width — creating straight lines rather than rounded lines with the eyebrows can help create this illusion. A high arch can also help lengthen the face and minimize the overall roundness.

A round face already has curves and sweeping arcs. By shaping the eyebrows in a straight line both up to the arch and down from it, the curves are balanced by these angles and minimized. Eyebrows that are curved will only match the lines of the face and add another layer to the roundness of the person's appearance. To shape eyebrows for a round face to minimize the circular look, a person should decide whether she wants a very angular brow or one with a slightly softer look.


The peak of the eyebrow arch should be just to the outside of the iris rather than in the center of the eye to avoid a harsh look that may make the eyes appear too close together. Eyebrows should generally follow a fairly straight line from the inner eye up to the arch. For maximum slimming, the brow coming down from the arch can be another straight line. This is a dramatic, elegant look that can be created as a very sharp angle between the two parts of the brow or as a more subtle angle for a slightly softer appearance.

To avoid the appearance of a sharp angle or corner on eyebrows for a round face, the peak of the arch can be smoothed a little. A curve should typically be avoided, but a very slight bend instead of an angle can soften the brow and avoid sharpness while still minimizing the facial roundness. Many women prefer this slight bend over an angle because it typically looks more natural.

Eyebrows for a round face should generally be a little thicker between the inner eye and the arch. The rest of the brow can be thinner and taper from the arch to the outer corner of the eye. Someone who has full brows should probably let the brow extend past the outer corner until it reaches a point above the cheekbone. A longer brow allows more of a straight line to counteract the roundness of the face.

Shaping eyebrows for a round face can be done by plucking or waxing. Using an eyebrow stencil in the proper shape can help a beginner. Spas and salons that do eyebrows should be able to expertly shape eyebrows for a round face in a small amount of time. Having this done professionally the first time may make it easier to keep up the look by waxing or plucking at home because the shape will already be there to use as a guide.


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Post 2

@raynbow- To get the results that are detailed in this article, you should start by following your natural arch. Using an eyebrow brush, put your brows into place. The hairs that fall outside of the natural line of your brows should be plucked by tweezers.

To get the full look that the article mentions, use an eyebrow pencil that is one shade darker than the color of your hair. I think the most important tips to follow are to avoid making your eyebrows appear rounded, overly-arched, or too dark in color.

Post 1

Does anyone have tips for shaping eyebrows at home? I prefer to do it myself instead of going to a salon, but I'm not sure where to start. My face is round, and I think this article gives good information about the best eyebrow shape for this type of face.

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