What Is the Best Way to Remove Women's Nose Hair?

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There are several ways to remove women’s nose hair that are effective, safe and, most importantly of all, painless. Women who only have to deal with the occasional stray nose hair might find tweezing to be the fastest and most convenient way to deal with it, but some believe tweezers should never be used to remove nasal hair. Small stainless steel scissors with rounded tips are another nose hair removal option. Those dealing with thick nose hair that grows back fast, nose hair trimmers, also called groomers or clippers, might be the most hassle-free option. There are also hair removal creams specially designed to remove women’s nose hair.

While some women use tweezers to remove sparse or stray nose hairs, many recommend against it, and those with sensitive skin should definitely avoid tweezing nose hairs. A pair of small, stainless steel or steel plated scissors might be a better option. Scissors designed to trim women’s nose hair are small and thin, making them easier to maneuver around the inside of the nose. They also have round, blunt tips instead of sharp points. When using scissors to trim nose hair, be sure not to cut too close to the inside of the nostril.

Another way to remove women’s nose hair is by using electric nose hair trimmers, which might also be called clippers or groomers. Trimmers are a good choice for women who have thick nose hair that grows back quickly. Some electric trimmers need to be plugged in, while others are battery operated.

Many battery operated trimmers are waterproof, so they can be used in a shower. A quality trimmer will be designed so that it can be safely inserted into the nostrils, although the manufacturer’s instructions should be followed carefully to prevent injury. Nose hair trimmers are relatively inexpensive, and usually don’t cost much more than a good pair of nose hair clippers.

Women’s nose hair can also be removed by using a nasal hair removal cream, which dissolves nose hair. Such creams are a viable option for women who don’t want to use nose hair scissors or electric nose hair trimmers. A thin layer of the cream is applied to the inside of the nose. After the recommended time, water is used to flush the cream out of the nose. An individual must be careful when using a nose hair removal cream, because putting the cream too far back can cause damage to the nasal cavity.

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Post 6

I would not use hair removal cream in my nose. That sounds like a horrible idea because the skin inside the nose is a mucous membrane. It's much more sensitive than regular skin. Hair trimmers and scissors sound like a better idea.

I heard that in Greece, some people burn nose hair. I think it's common among men, I'm not sure about women but it sounds dangerous.

Post 5

@healthy4life – Ouch! I will never try tweezers, then.

Rounded scissors are the best thing to use for trimming your nose hairs. You aren't likely to poke yourself in the nostril with them, and you can trim just the portion of the hair that you need.

Post 4
@burcinc-- I use a nose hair trimming scissors that's actually sold for men. It's smaller than women's cosmetic scissors and has a short edge, so it fits into my nose perfectly. I only have a few hairs that extend out so I just trim those.
Post 3

I tried using tweezers on one pesky nose hair. It had grown so long that it was poking out of my nose, and I thought that was very unattractive.

I used some very good stainless steel tweezers that worked great for tweezing my eyebrows. I got a good grip as close to the base of the hair as I could and yanked hard.

I screamed out in pain! I had no idea that the inside of my nose could be so sensitive! I instantly started sneezing, and my nose burned so much.

Post 2
Tweezing nasal hair is the most painful thing I have ever experienced. I don't know if my nose is extremely sensitive, but I can't even explain how much pain and agony I felt when I tweezed a few hairs inside my nose. I will never do it again.

I also tried using a small scissors, but it was still too big for my nostril and it didn't work. I could try a trimmer, but won't those damage the skin?

Post 1

I don't think you should ever fully remove your nose hair. It is there to catch dust and debris before it can get further back in your nose, so it's there for your own protection.

However, trimming it a little is fine. Just don't trim it all the way down, because you will lose your nose's natural dust filters.

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