What is the Best Way to Lose Belly Fat?

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Every day, millions of people execute hundreds of crunches or work out on the latest ab machine. Their goal is to rid themselves of stubborn belly fat so they can slip into a smaller pair of blue jeans or feel more confident in a swim suit. Despite their efforts, the belly fat refuses to disappear.

This is because there is no specific exercise, special food, or miracle diet that helps a person lose belly fat. Nevertheless, it is possible to get rid of unwanted fat in the stomach. The stomach is the first place a person eliminates fat when she loses weight.

Eating a diet rich in whole grains and low in refined carbohydrates can help a person lose weight in the abdomen. This particular type of diet enables the body to become more adept at metabolizing stored fat. In contrast, a diet that relies on refined carbohydrates such as white bread can elevate blood sugar levels, negatively affect insulin levels, and cause the storage of abdominal fat. Other foods that help a person achieve a slimmer belly include fruits, vegetables, low-fat milk products, lean meats, fish, eggs, beans, poultry, and seeds. These foods provide valuable nutrients and assist a person in her quest to lose belly fat in a sensible, effective manner.


To lose belly fat, a person must eat a healthy diet, controlling the amount of calories consumed on a daily basis. On the other hand, eating a healthy diet is just the beginning of achieving a flatter stomach. Physical activity is another important way to work toward cultivating a flatter abdomen.

Committing to a regular exercise routine will help people who wish to lose belly fat and slim down other parts of the body. An hour of brisk walking each day will contribute to significant weight loss. Bicycle riding, jogging, and stair climbing are other good exercise options. Such intense aerobic activity helps people achieve a strong and slender body.

Losing belly fat is essential to achieving a better quality of life, since carrying extra weight around the middle can contribute to poor health. In fact, having an excessive amount of belly fat is more harmful than carrying the same amount of extra fat around the thighs and hips. Belly fat contributes to diabetes, cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, and other serious health problems. For this reason, it is important for people to combine a sensible diet and exercise in order to lose those unwanted pounds.


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Post 3

If you want to lose belly fat, you will want to make sure you eat a diet that is rich in fiber. Fiber works to regulate your digestive system. A digestive system that is backed up or sluggish can cause you to gain weight or appear bloated.

Foods that are rich in fiber include whole grain cereal, fruits, vegetables and nuts. Many people also take a daily fiber supplement to ensure that they get their daily recommended amount. Fiber supplements can be purchased at most drug stores.

Post 2

bestcity- Thanks for the information. In addition, a healthy waist size for a woman is around 30 inches inches or less. A waist size larger than that can increase your risk for heart disease and diabetes.

Keep in mind that this number is subjective. Some people naturally have larger frames than others. If you are healthy and exercise regularly, don't be too concerned if your waist is an inch or two over the recommendations.

Post 1

The healthy waist size for a man is 35 inches or less. Waist size above that speeds up aging and is cause for health problems.

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