What is the Best Way to Increase Libido?

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There is no best way to increase libido. Part of the problem is that treatments to enhance interest in sex are individualized and can be extremely different for each gender. There are a number of websites that promise a “best way to increase libido,” but the complex reasons that lack of interest in sex may occur make these claims dubious, and sometimes cause for concern. Various herbs or other preparations that are thought to enhance sexual desire may or may not have any effect on libido and some contain high levels of male hormones or steroids that are dangerous. Any medications used to increase sex drive, herbal or not, should be used under guidance of medical professionals.

Low libido is more common in women than men, and statistics on this issue are difficult to process, given the fact that sex drive can have a normal range. Some people are interested in having sex or acting in sexual ways a great deal of the time, and others are not. This issue gets problematic if partners in a relationship have different libido levels, but less interest in sex doesn’t necessarily imply abnormality. No interest in sexual relations does suggest lower than average libido or the complete absence of it, and this may lead the partner with very low or no sex drive to look for the best way to increase libido.


There are many different treatments that may be tried as a “best way to increase libido” for each woman. First and foremost, is figuring out what may be causing the condition. It can be entirely emotional, which is not uncommon in women who are victims of rape or sexual abuse, or may be in part based on daily behavior, low levels of certain hormones, or a variety of other factors. Many times there is more than one reason why sex drive is low, and reduced or no interest in sex can be the result of several complex factors that include the biological and the psychological.

For most women then, the best way to increase libido is to take a two-pronged approach to the issue. First women should investigate medical reasons why libido may be low, such as surgeries to remove the ovaries, pain experienced during intercourse, end of menstrual periods, having had a baby or breastfeeding, and behavior that may influence mood. For instance, women who get more exercise and who fall into normal weight range may be less likely to have low libido. Certain medical conditions or drugs can reduce libido levels, such as depression and the meds used to treat it. If doctors identify a medical cause, they may offer treatment suggestions like supplementation with certain hormones or they may merely treat underlying conditions that they suspect may be reducing sex drive.

The second half of this approach is looking at the ways a woman may view sexual relationships, and this could involve counseling. People recovering from trauma, or those who have always had difficulty with sex may be best helped by work with a therapist, specializing in sexual issues. Another factor that needs to be taken into account is the way in which a woman perceives her sexual partner. If relationship with that partner is very poor or lacks intimacy in other ways, there may simply be no desire for sex with that person.

Men suffer from low libido less than do women, and may also benefit from a dual approach as the best way to increase libido. Doctors will want to rule out medical conditions that might naturally lower sex drive or offer treatment for them. Low libido shouldn’t be confused with erectile dysfunction (ED), and the meds normally prescribed for ED don’t usually enhance sex drive. As with women, low libido can also be a psychological matter for men, and they may benefit from therapy to discuss their feelings regarding sex and to work on any issues that might be resulting in little interest in it.

Some couples get stuck in a rut, and low interest in sex may simply translate to being tired all the time from lots of responsibilities or from the sense that sexual relations are not very interesting. Couples who are having trouble with this issue might also want to evaluate ways they can make intimacy more intriguing and varied. There are many books on how to spice up the sex life.

Couples should realize that low sexual interest of one person doesn’t translate to rejection of the other person. Getting angry with the person with low libido seldom helps the issue. Rather, encouragement to investigate whether medical or psychological support is needed is likely to be more useful.


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Running and losing weight also ensures that no energy goes to waste. If you have a tendency to waste energy, it will be converted to fatty substance, to the point where you will literally be weighed down by your unused energy. Ensuring a constant and high flow of energy in and out of your system is the best way to keep your sexual libido high.

Post 3

It seems to me that the term "libido" is too narrowly applied when it is perceived as being purely sexual. Freud had this narrow view of it, whereas Jung had a more realistic view of it as being exhibited in multiple forms. To increase libido, it is important to recognize that sexual energy is enhanced by various other forms of energy. If you are working out or thinking hard during the day, your sexual energy will also increase. Being a good master of your body ensures that you keep it in peak physical condition.

Post 2

In order to increase libido naturally you should look at ways to naturally increase metabolism.

There is a direct link between increasing metabolism and increased libido. Participating in high intensity exercise daily does increase the metabolic rate as well as your libido.

The reason for this is that when you engage in high impact exercise the blood flows throughout your body and to your sexual organs thus giving you more desire for sex.

This is also the best way to increase stamina. In addition, raising your exercise level also enhances your weight loss and shows you how to lose weight without starving yourself. The enhanced body image only adds to the feeling of sexual desire and will increase libido naturally.

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