What is the Best Way to do Sit Ups?

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There are many different opinions when it comes to the best way to do sit ups. While some physical fitness experts believe that standard sit ups will create the best results, others believe that using special exercise equipment is the ideal way to gain strong abdominal muscles. Even though there are many different sit up products on the market, most physical fitness experts agree that the best way to tighten the abdominal muscles is with a series of basic crunches.

Placing one's back straight against the floor, bending the knees, and sitting up until the abdominal muscles have tightened is an effective way to create strong abdominal muscles. Most people should be able to perform ten to fifteen regular crunches, though this number can be increased as a person becomes stronger. Eventually, pausing in-between each sit up will create a routine that is more challenging.

While conducting basic sit ups is not difficult, it is important to remember that the head and neck should be supported at all times. This can be accomplished by placing one's hands behind the neck area, being careful not to pull on the neck, while performing a basic crunch. Likewise, it is essential that one's feet remain directly on the floor during any sit up session.


Aside from performing traditional crunches in the correct manner, a person's diet is also an essential part of gaining a desired "six-pack." While sit ups and crunches can tighten the abdominal muscles effectively, these exercises will not get rid of stomach fat. When stomach fat covers the abdominal area, abdominal muscles cannot be seen.

The number of days per week that a person can go through a sit up routine is debatable. While some physical fitness experts claim that a sit up routine can be performed every day, others do not believe this to be true. The best way to determine how often one can complete a sit up routine is to begin with three days per week.

If three days per week does not seem to be enough, then it may be possible to increase the number of sit ups per week. The important thing to remember is not to place strain on the neck, and to try and avoid any injuries caused by too many sit ups. Sit ups are a great way to strengthen the abdominal muscles if done carefully and properly.


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