What is the Best Way to Create Online Picture Albums?

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The best way to create online picture albums is to first either scan and save pictures on a peripheral computer storage device, or save photos on a digital camera or on the mobile device they were originally captured on. When ready to share, upload photos to a website that offers ample storage space. Pictures can be added to a photo website that allows brief captions describing each photo or can be uploaded to a photo blog that allows longer narratives with each photograph. When creating online picture albums, it is crucial to select a blog or website that features enough online photo storage for current uploads, as well as for future uploads.

Online picture albums can be created for free or for a modest membership fee on certain websites. A photo blog can also be created for free at any number of blogging platforms. At some photo sharing websites, pictures can be uploaded to the site and visitors can order prints for an additional price.


Individual needs and desires will determine the best way to create online picture albums. Individuals who only wish to share photos with family and friends or who are only looking for a place to store photos may choose to do so at a free website. Others who are interested in creating albums to sell or who wish to make individual photos available for sale may choose to do so at a membership site that charges a fee. Still, some may choose to build a website specifically for sharing things like wedding photos, reunion photos and similar events.

Many of the most popular social networking sites have a special area dedicated to uploading and storing member photos. Individual photos can be shared in these sections and online picture albums can be created, as well. Those sites that don’t offer photo-sharing capabilities are often complemented by third-party photo-sharing services that are specially designed to accommodate members who would like to store and share photos online through social networking.

With so many options available to the end-user, the best way to create online picture albums really depends on personal preference. The best choices, however, will be those that offer the most storage, the easiest uploading instructions and a visitor-friendly interface. Photos can be added to most albums directly from a digital camera or a mobile device. They may also be scanned onto a computer or a digital storage device before being uploaded to an album that is published on the web.


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