What is the Best Way to Apply a Cheek Tint?

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Cheek tint is another term for blush, a type of makeup product spread onto the cheeks to give a woman a natural glow. It is typically light red or pink in color and comes in powder, liquid, and gel forms. Properly applying cheek tint makes the woman appear to have a healthy, natural colored flush on her cheeks and many people may not realize she is wearing makeup. The trick to flawless cheek tint lies in choosing the right colors and applying it properly.

Before applying cheek tint, it's important for a woman to wash her face to rid it of any dirt or grime. After washing and rinsing, she should apply a facial moisturizer to prevent dry skin. Next she applies her normal foundation, if any is desired, and can then move on to applying the tint.

For a woman who only wants a hint of color on her cheeks, she should dab a small dot of powder or liquid tint onto the end of her finger. Then she should smile while looking into the mirror and find the apples of her cheeks. The apple is the round part that looks puffy when a person smiles. She then dabs the tint onto the apple of one cheek and uses a makeup brush or sponge to spread it up and back toward the hairline. She should blend it into her skin with the makeup sponge or the tips of her fingers after washing them off.


If a woman wants a more prominent look, she should use a thin streak of tint instead of a dot. She looks into the mirror and smiles to find the apples of her cheeks. Then she spreads a thin line of tint from the apple up toward her hairline at an angle. Finally she blends the tint into her skin with a makeup sponge or brush.

Liquid blush, gel blush, and powdered blush are all forms of cheek tint and are applied the same way. The difference lies in the user's personal preference on what looks best and which is easiest to apply. Liquid is easier to smear while gel is thicker and more controlled. It's also less likely to smear during the day. Powder is easiest to apply and take off, but is also messy and wears off easily.

After learning how to properly apply cheek tint, a woman should experiment to see which colors fit her best. Colors should appear natural and match the wearer's skin tone. A woman can try looking in the mirror after an active workout to see what shade of pink or red her cheeks turn naturally. Darker complexions require darker tints while olive skin looks best with very pale colors such as light pink.


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Post 2

@Scrbblchick -- You got that right about "premium" cheek tint being expensive! I think I paid about $25 USD on the last bottle of Benetint I bought. That's my preferred color. There are several other colors to choose from, but I like the rosy tint of the Benetint color.

I also like the fact that the Benefit tint products can be used on the lip or cheek. That's like getting two products for the price of one, and at those prices, I want to get the most for my money. But it does last for a long time, so it's a better buy than other premium brand blush.

Post 1

I usually just draw a little circle on the apple of my cheek and blend it in with my finger. That looks natural and doesn't look caked on.

Cheek tint is funny stuff, though. It can look really, really dark in the bottle (if it's liquid, which most is), but not look nearly as dark on the skin. So you have to be careful. Cheek tint is usually buildable, which means you can apply it until you get the depth of color you want, but bear in mind that less is usually more with this stuff.

The nice thing about cheek tint is that it usually lasts a long time, and if you get a department store (or "premium") brand, that's good, because you probably spent a fair amount of money on it.

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