What is the Best Treatment for Scar Tissue?

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Softening and minimizing scar tissue is a task that many people engage in at one time or another in their lives. When choosing the best treatment for scarring, it is important to note that there is no one ideal method that works in all situations. However, there are treatments and methods that tend to be more effective based on the extent of the scarring.

For minor scars resulting from surface cuts or burns, oils to moisturize the scar tissue are often very effective. Along with aloe vera and Vitamin E oil extracts, lavender oil is often recommended. The oil helps to soften the dead tissue and slowly reduce the size of the scar. At the same time, it sometimes will help to fade the scarring, making it less noticeable.

Taking vitamin supplements can also help your body to facilitate the healing process. Including extra Vitamin C and Vitamin E can help boost the immune system and help the area around the scar to produce healthy skin to eventually replace the scarring. Adding in beta-carotene as well as zinc will also provide your body with more of the resources needed to deal with light scarring, eventually rendering the scar almost impossible to detect.


When heavier scarring has occurred, professional treatments may be required. Dermabrasion is a controlled method for essentially whittling down the dead tissue to restore an even texture and hue to the surface of the skin. This type of treatment should only be conducted by a healthcare professional who has evaluated the condition of the scarring and is aware of your current state of health. While expensive, dermabrasion may be the best way to deal with scar tissue that cannot be minimized through other external methods.

Massage is sometimes helpful when the scar involves muscles, tendons, ligaments, or joints that are damaged in some type of accident. The soothing motion of massage can help to relax the muscle groups involved and help to restore function to any nerves that may also have sustained injury. While the changes to the scar tissue may take time to notice, the patient will begin to experience greater mobility and less stiffness in the area of the scarring as the treatments begin to take effect.

In some cases, the best treatment for scar tissue is to undergo surgery to remove the accumulation of the tissue. Generally, this approach is considered the last resort, only when it has been determined that no other treatment will provide relieve from the scarring. Surgery is more common with scar tissue that develops around a tendon or ligament or is the result of torn muscles.

Before attempting to use any type of treatment for scars, it is important to discuss the approach with your doctor. Taking this simple precaution will minimize the risk of employing a method that is not likely to work in your case, while also helping you to avoid using any treatment that may exacerbate the problem.


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Post 7

I had cochlear implant surgery three months ago and scar tissue formed behind my ear where the incision was made and now

is causing pain when I wear the hearing device. How do I get

rid of this bump that is causing the irritation?

Post 6

I have lots of vaginal scar tissue caused from surgery. It hurts to sit, sneeze, cough and bend over. Who knows what sex would be like? I assume terrible. I need advice and wish it was gone.

Post 4

I would get a second opinion!

Post 2

I have pain when I urinate. the doctor says it might be scar tissue on my bladder. How do they treat this?

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can scar tissue bleed every month at the same time

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