What is the Best Natural Sinus Headache Relief?

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Choosing the best natural sinus headache relief depends on the severity and cause of the sinus discomfort, along with what treatment works best for an individual. Sinuses can flare up following an infection from a cold, because of allergies or because of a structural problem within the nasal cavity called a deviated septum. Occasional sinus headache pain generally is easier to remedy than chronic sinus problems.

The best natural sinus headache relief might also depend on which sinuses are affected. There are four sets of sinuses that can be inflamed or infected. They are the maxillary, ethmoid, frontal and sphenoid sinuses. Problems in any of the sinuses can cause headaches or eye pain. When the maxillary sinuses are inflamed, pain might also be present below the eye and into the cheekbone area.

A headache or feeling of pressure usually is related to swelling or obstructions that prevent the sinuses from properly draining. The best natural sinus headache relief usually requires unblocking the obstruction or swelling within the sinuses. This allows sinuses to properly drain. When sinuses cannot drain, the risk of infection develops.

A combination of holistic techniques might help provide the best natural sinus headache relief. Temporary relief often can be obtained by breathing in steam from hot water. Another approach is to place hot towel compresses over the eye and cheek areas. Again, the idea is to open nasal passages by reducing swelling and inflammation.


Another way to help unblock sinuses is to use nasal washes or irrigators. This usually requires the purchase of a device that propels water up into the nasal passages. The idea is to flush out mucus that is creating the blockage. Regular tap water should not be used as it can cause a burning sensation. The use of warm distilled water and commercial nasal washes made for this purpose generally is the safest bet.

It helps to uncover the root of sinus headaches. If allergies are to blame, an air filter designed to eliminate allergens might help. Sinus-irritating allergens can include pet dander, air pollution, pollen, dust or dirt. Using allergen-free bed and pillow covers also might help reduce allergens that can cause sinus pain.

Another root cause of chronic sinus headaches might be a compromised immune system. When this is the case, zinc, vitamin C, vitamin E and even garlic sometimes are used as a natural way to boost the immune system. These remedies might work for some people, although scientific proof for their effectiveness has been up for debate.

Dietary changes might even help reduce sinus blockages. Dairy products are known to produce mucus and generally slow sinus drainage. On the other hand, drinking a lot of water helps to keep mucus flowing and prevent the sinuses from getting clogged.


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I had my deviated septum repaired, which was causing me to have sinus congestion issues. Though I didn't like the idea of having surgery, I didn't want to take medications to treat my problem. The surgery was a success and rarely get sinus headaches today.

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I found an inhaler at a natural food store that helps reduce sinus congestion without the use of drugs.

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