What is the Best Method of Wrinkle Reduction?

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There are many different creams and serums on the market that promise to remove wrinkles from skin. Wrinkle reduction creams and lotions may improve the look of skin, though the best way to keep skin looking young is to take preventative measures. Even skin that is already wrinkled can be improved by following a few simple steps.

The first rule of wrinkle-free skin is to avoid the sun. It is crucial to apply sunblock whenever venturing outdoors. The sun is strong at all times during the year, including during winter months. Therefore, choosing a moisturizing lotion that contains sunblock is an excellent way to avoid the sun's harsh rays. Next, avoid smoking of any kind, since smoking leads to wrinkled skin.

It is believed that cigarette smoke contains a chemical that causes the skin's elasticity to deteriorate. Additionally, some studies have shown that cigarette smoke also causes the skin to appear thinner, which, in turn, makes skin more susceptible to natural elements such as sun and wind. Many studies have also shown that people who do not get enough sleep tend to have more wrinkles. Since sleep is needed in order to repair skin's elasticity, it is important to sleep for at least six hours each night.


Wrinkle reduction can also be achieved by eating plenty of fruits, vegetables, and salmon. These foods are known to contain essential vitamins, nutrients, and fats, which help the skin to look younger. By simply changing one's diet, wrinkles may begin to diminish. Topical treatments may also help with wrinkle reduction, though the type of treatment chosen is important.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) within the United States has approved Retin-A® as a wrinkle reducer. Studies have shown that prescription Retin-A® effectively helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. In addition to topical creams and ointments, various cosmetic procedures have been proven to reduce wrinkles. Botox®, chemical peels, wrinkle fillers, light resurfacing, and some types of dermabrasion can help with wrinkle reduction.

Anyone considering a cosmetic procedure in order to aid in wrinkle reduction should seek out a qualified plastic surgeon. Undergoing any kind of cosmetic procedure without the assistance of a licensed surgeon or cosmetologist is not recommended. While these procedures can be useful, following the natural steps listed above will also help to reduce wrinkles without medical intervention. While seemingly impossible, wrinkle reduction can be achieved by taking care of one's skin properly.


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Post 7

@kylee07drg-- That's interesting! I'm going to try that too and see what happens.

I feel the same way about moisture and when I forget to moisturize my face regularly, I can see new fine lines and wrinkles forming!

I had read once that women with oily skin get less wrinkles than people with dry skin because their skin is more hydrated. Women who regularly use cold cream which is very rich and hydrating are also said to get less wrinkles.

Now that I'm getting older, I always think about this and make sure to put on face lotion twice a day now.

Post 6

@shell4life-- I've never tried a chemical peel before but I'm intrigued now. The effects you mentioned sound a bit like prescription anti-wrinkle creams that are made with vitamin A. I believe those work to renew skin as well.

Have you ever tried one of these prescription creams? Do you think the chemical peel skin treatments are better at wrinkle reduction than those?

If the chemical peel gives immediate results, it does sound better because I know that vitamin A creams have to be used for a very long time to give results.

Post 5

I completely agree with this article! I know women who go for botox injections and yet they smoke and ignore their diet! I don't understand this at all!

I try to live a very natural and healthy life. I've never smoked, I don't drink and I eat very healthy and exercise. I also drink plenty of water, get my sleep every night and try to stay away from stress.

I know that botox and some anti-wrinkle creams are effective at reducing wrinkles. But I think the best thing to do is to start off with being healthy in general and they relying on these other methods if necessary.

I'm almost fifty-five now but people think that

I'm forty. I've taken very good care of myself and have not developed too many wrinkles for that reason. Of course, some wrinkles is inevitable. But I certainly don't feel the need for botox or such. So the best method for wrinkle reduction in my opinion is leading a stress-free healthy life.
Post 4

At-home chemical peels reduce wrinkles right away. I use one once every two weeks, and I get results with it every time.

I think that when dead skin builds up in fine lines and wrinkles on your face, it makes them look exaggerated. The chemical peel takes away the dead skin and debris, and this helps smooth out the wrinkles, since they are no longer filled with junk.

The chemical peel comes inside a capsule, which I empty into a small carton of water with a lid. I shake it up until a gel forms, and I paint this on my face. I scrape it off with a plastic spatula and rinse to reveal new skin.

Post 3

@kylee07drg – Maybe that is part of the reason that fruits and vegetables help reduce wrinkles. They both have a high water content, so when you eat them, you inevitably hydrate yourself.

I know that one major reason that veggies and fruits can reduce the appearance of wrinkles is that they contain antioxidants. Some are better sources than others, but nearly all of them contain a helpful amount.

I eat a lot of blueberries and red grapes, which both have lots of antioxidants. It helps that I love their flavor, and I also love the way I feel better inside after eating them.

Also, spinach and broccoli are good wrinkle reducing vegetables. I eat spinach at lunch every day and broccoli a couple of times a week, and I am not seeing any new wrinkles since I started eating an antioxidant-rich diet.

Post 2

My skin looks a lot smoother and fresher since I switched from drinking sodas to drinking water and fruit juice. I used to drink two sodas a day, but now, I might drink one a week.

It's weird to think of anything you drink being able to dehydrate you, but caffeinated soda can do just that. When you are dehydrated, wrinkles pop up.

Drinking plenty of water is the best wrinkle treatment, because it is so natural and good for you. Also, it is inexpensive and so easy to do.

I look less stressed since I have stopped drinking all that soda. My face looks healthier, because my skin cells are plump with moisture instead of withered and thirsty.

Post 1

I always thought that if I wore SPF 30 lotion, then I would be safe from wrinkles. The problem is that I love being on the beach, so I spend way more time than the average person out in the sun.

Even with sunscreen on, I began to see wrinkles after my first summer of going to the beach for hours on every sunny day. It felt terrible to start seeing wrinkles in my mid-twenties, but I loved the ocean so much that I wasn't about to start hiding indoors to avoid them.

I started using anti-aging creams and foundations. Right now, I am using a makeup that is supposed to correct wrinkles progressively over time.

This is the only wrinkle reduction treatment that I have. I'm not going to opt for surgery, because I know that I will get more wrinkles, due to my sun-loving lifestyle.

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