What is the Best Depression Remedy?

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Depression is an illness that affects many people throughout their lives. There is a spectrum of depression, ranging from minor depression to major depression; anyone who feels suicidal should seek help immediately. Though it is difficult to classify the "best" depression remedy, because every person and their experience with depression is different, there are a number of treatments that are often tried.

Depression can be caused by medication as well as various other illnesses, so it is a good idea to visit a doctor to rule out any other causes first. If one is able to treat the illness that could be causing depression, it is likely that the depression will disappear as well. Otherwise, a good place to begin is with a therapist.

A therapist or psychologist may be able to help identify the causes of the depression, and suggest a depression remedy. There are different types of talk therapy used to help people who are depressed or anxious, and a therapist may be able to help someone learn to redirect negative behaviors or thought patterns. If a therapist feels it is necessary, he or she might refer a patient to a psychiatrist for another type of depression remedy.


A psychiatrist is able to prescribe medication to treat mental illness, and he or she may work in conjunction with a counselor to treat depression with a combination of medication and therapy. In addition to treatments from trained professionals, it is possible for one to find a depression remedy on one's own. One excellent depression remedy that is often recommended is exercise.

Exercise releases mood-boosting endorphins, so even though it may be difficult to get started, it is a great idea to spend at least 20 to 30 minutes per day exercising. Even taking a walk outside can be an excellent depression remedy, particularly on a sunny day. This can boost mood and improve overall health, as well as helping to promote weight loss. In addition to exercise, changes in diet can help with depression.

Some people find that cutting back on sugar, caffeine, or carbohydrates makes them less prone to mood swings; it is a good idea to stop drinking alcohol as well. Others find that reaching out to friends or family to talk can be a very helpful depression remedy. It is important to always seek help for depression in order to prevent it from getting worse; there are many things to try to start feeling better.


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