What is the Benefit of a Bodybuilding Workout?

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As its name implies, the primary goal of a bodybuilding workout is typically to improve physique and physical appearance. The benefits of a regularly maintained bodybuilding workout regimen, however, are numerous, varied, and can be long-lasting. There are some benefits that are general in nature, and some that are specific to different methods of bodybuilding. Whether general or specific, the key to deriving any positive effect from a bodybuilding workout regimen is long term repetition of exercises.

The most basic and obvious benefit of a bodybuilding workout is increased physical strength. Over time, exercising with heavy weights will strengthen a body's muscular system, because the muscle cells are torn and damaged by the strain of lifting, and then grow tougher as the body produces more of them during healing. A workout schedule can be geared to emphasize muscle growth over strength, but getting stronger is always a byproduct of weight training.

A bodybuilding workout can be used in conjunction with a diet plan to help gain, maintain, or lose body fat and mass. The regulation of body mass relies on an essentially simple formula — if calories consumed are greater than calories burned, weight gain will occur. Bodybuilding burns calories, and, with a strict diet and other kinds of exercise, can be an effective way to lose weight and lower body fat percentage.


Typically though, bodybuilding is undertaken with the intent of adding body mass. A common strategy for bodybuilders is to surpass the desired weight through heavy caloric intake and weightlifting regimen, and then combine limited-calorie dieting with cardiovascular activities, like running, to eliminate the excess non-lean weight. In this way, a bodybuilding workout can help improve heart health and lung function.

As a side effect of pure strength, bodybuilding can improve muscle resiliency and resistance to injury. Toned muscles are less likely to be strained or otherwise damaged when suffering trauma. In addition, strong muscles will recover faster from injuries that are sustained.

Beyond the purely physical benefits of bodybuilding, a daily workout routine can also promote mental wellness. Setting aside time every day for any kind of exercise offers an outlet for stress relief, and the exertion of a bodybuilding workout is often an effective way to relieve mental pressure in a positive, productive way. Scheduled workouts also tend to lend a degree of regularity to mealtimes, sleeping, and waking — all of which are generally accepted as ingredients of a healthy lifestyle.


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