What Is the Beck Protocol?

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The Beck protocol combines four homeopathic treatments believed by some to improve the health of persons suffering from a variety of maladies, including chronic infections and cancer. Physicist Robert C. Beck developed the health regimen using centuries old medical techniques in the belief that these therapies boosted the body’s natural immune system, enhancing the body’s ability to heal itself. The four step method includes subjecting the body to daily doses of micro-current electricity, magnetic fields, and colloidal silver, along with consuming ozonated water. Beck reportedly provided detailed schematics for creating the necessary electronic devices.

Beck referred to the first of the four treatments as blood electrification. He created a device with which a patient applies two electrodes, attached to a small electronic generator, to the inside of a wrist. The patient wears the unit for two hours a day and receives 50 to 100 microamperes of electricity. The Beck protocol suggests that this small amount of current is sufficient to eliminate all forms of microorganisms, as the current prevents bacterial, fungal, and viral replication.


To enhance the efficiency of the electronic generator, Beck developed the magnetic pulse generator. This device supposedly creates a pulsed magnetic field. The patient places the device over the lymph system or targeted areas of the body. Proponents of the Beck protocol believe that the magnetic fields annihilate roaming pathogens that may have been unaffected by the electronic generator. Patients using the device on specific areas of the body perceive that the magnetic field also improves circulation and blood oxygen levels.

Throughout history, silver has been used as an antibiotic and an antiseptic. Certain burn ointments and wound treatment protocols include silver as an active ingredient. The third step of Beck’s protocol, however, recommends drinking water containing colloidal silver. Some health care providers advise against the practice. At least, ingestion of this solution may produce a condition known as argyria, in which the mucous membranes and skin become blue.

Silver is considered a heavy metal and physicians suggest that the body does not eliminate the element. Individuals who consume silver can experience potentially irreversible side effects. Toxic levels of silver in the body may produce bone marrow depression, hemorrhage, and liver and kidney damage, along with the possibility of pulmonary edema.

The fourth step of the Beck protocol involves drinking ozonated water. Beck believed that the majority of pathogens and disease processes survive and thrive in oxygen deprived environments. His philosophy proposed that the action of adding an extra molecule of oxygen through water intake aided the immune system and eliminated an opportunistic environment.


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