What Is the Battery Industry?

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The battery industry is an industry devoted to the production of storage batteries that supply electrical energy to devices ranging from hearing aids to satellites. It is multinational in scope and includes a number of trade and lobbying organizations that represent different members of the industry. The rise of personal electronic devices in the early 2000s led to a boom for the industry, paired with an increase in the use of hybrid and electric cars that relied on batteries for energy storage. Demands for alternative energy over the same period also boosted the prospects of battery manufacturers with new products in their pipelines.

Companies active in the battery industry include manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers, and shippers who handle batteries. Manufacturers produce numerous lines of battery products and also engage in research and development to create smaller, more efficient batteries in addition to products with expanded storage capacity. Rechargeable batteries and similar products are also an important part of the industry's development activities, as they provide more alternatives to consumers.


Some companies in this industry operate multinationally and may maintain branch offices in a number of different countries to meet varying needs. Factories can also be far flung, as companies may produce a range of batteries and components in different facilities. Some companies also work on other energy storage solutions and may be part of a larger energy company's umbrella, while others are smaller and stand alone. Suppliers for the industry offer various metals used in battery production along with packaging and other components.

Members of the battery industry may work primarily on batteries for products created by their own companies, or mass-market batteries for user-serviceable electronic products. Some also take on special contracts for particular needs like scientific research and exploration. Batteries for activities like running remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) on underwater exploration may need to be custom made and could require very special maintenance. Engineers can develop appropriate products and maintenance regimens to meet the needs of clients, while also working on the development of batteries for commercial production and sale.

Information on the battery industry is available through trade publications as well as financial magazines. These magazines can provide helpful data on new players in the field, projected performance in the industry, and companies to watch. They also offer battery industry forecasts on the basis of current and projected economic activities. This information can be useful for investors considering stock and other equities, as well as for companies researching batteries and power storage.


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