What is the Barbara Brennan Healing Science Program?

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The Barbara Brennan Healing Science Program is an alternative method of healing that blends eastern and western medicinal practices. It is based on the individual’s human energy-consciousness system and its correlation to the world as a whole. Using psychological and spiritual techniques, the Barbara Brennan Healing Science Program seeks to address all aspects of one’s life including the mental and the physical. The principle is that you can change your current and future circumstances by getting to know yourself. One takes an inner inventory, examining issues that includes their life’s purpose, aims, and objectives. By getting to know yourself thoroughly, you are expected to become further connected to both yourself and others. This, in turn, will help unmask your genuine purpose in both the large and small scheme of things.

The Barbara Brennan Healing Science Program believes that there is a strong connection between the mental and the physical; by remedying one, the other will be alleviated. Negative personal relationships and emotional control fall under the minds’ abilities, which are processed via the core. The core houses the hara and aura. The Barbara Brennan Healing Science Program examines the human energy field and how the aura acts as a channel for the mental and the physical. Since the physical body stems from the energy field, the healing of the mind and soul will administer physical healing. The center of attention is placed on seven specific levels of the energy field.


Students of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing can opt to earn a diploma in Brennan Healing Science or a Bachelor of Science Degree. Both programs teach applied energy healing and individual transformation to help people improve and heal their mental health, physical health and spiritual well-being. The intention of the Barbara Brennan Science Program is to assist both the personal and group plan of human and universal evolution. The effort takes every singular feature of a person's life into account in order to help progress and develop their overall condition. Practitioners of the Brennan Healing Science strive to assist with the healing of various physical conditions and foster emotional and spiritual healing.


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